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As is seemingly always the case, a lot has taken place over the past two weeks. Steve Bannon out at the White House. Terror in Charlottesville and Barcelona. The Eclipse (both the glasses and the actual occurrence). Robert E. Lee, (both the general and the sports announcer). Dick Gregory and Jerry Lewis RIP. Charleston, SC. A single Massachusetts woman winning the $758 million Powerball jackpot. And currently, Hurricane Harvey.


In this 8.25.2017 edition of Towerpoint Wealth’s bi-weekly eNewsletter, please note the following:

  • We are excited for the inaugural Towerpoint Wealth downtown Lunch & Learn educational workshop, featuring sustainable investment expert Chris McKnett from State Street Global Advisors. RSVP and please join us for the 45-minute presentation and a free lunch from My Sister’s Café, held at 500 Capitol Mall, Suite 1700 on Wednesday, August 30th:


  • Content found below worth reading/listening to this weekend:
  1. A succinct and thoughtful Ted Talk by our upcoming Lunch & Learn featured speaker, Chris McKnett, head of State Street Global Advisors' Environmental, Social and Governance Investing (ESG), thinking deeply about how investors can and should put their money in the right places - not just for better business, but for a better world. 12 minutes
  2. A Financial Times article discussing President Trump's upcoming push for comprehensive tax reform. 4 minutes
  • Proposed areas to be protected:

            --> Individual charitable, mortgage, and retirement savings deductions.

  • Proposed new areas of interest:

            --> A one-time repatriation of overseas profits.

            --> Elimination of death and estate taxes.

            --> Cut corporate tax rate "as low as possible."

In these uncertain times, we encourage you to call (916-405-9140) or email us ( with any concerns, needs, thoughts, and/or feedback, and look forward to connecting with, helping, and being a direct and independent expert financial resource for each of you.


- Towerpoint Wealth, LLC

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