Dear Friends,

In reflecting on the Thanksgiving celebration we enjoyed on Thursday, in an era marked by heightened discord and divisiveness, the recent examples of cooperation, civility, and understanding demonstrated by those supporting and helping communities and people struck by recent natural disasters were directly top of mind. Not only do our hearts go out to those directly affected, but also to those who were on the front lines offering that direct support and help.

In the same spirit, we wanted to extend our own deepest thanks - to you, our clients, friends, and colleagues, for your continued trust and confidence in allowing Towerpoint Wealth to be a part of your lives in working for and serving you. We are both honored and humbled at the privilege of helping you with the goals of achieving, and then maintaining, your complete financial independence. We may not be able to control how the wind blows in these uncertain times, but we always have control over how we set the sail.


Highlights of the curated content found below include:

  • An excellent full day of strategic meetings at Dynasty Financial Partner's midtown NYC offices.
  • How to leverage the price guarantees offered by most major credit cards.
  • Specific year-end 2017 tax planning ideas.

We feel fortunate to be your partner on this amazing journey, especially as the world continues evolve into a more complicated, twisted, and confusing place. Call (916-405-9140), email (, or Tweet (@twrpointwealth) us with any questions or concerns you may have. We are here for you, and look forward to connecting with, helping, and being a direct, independent, and no-strings-attached expert financial resource for each of you.

- Joseph and the Towerpoint Wealth team

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