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Financial Planning Process


Towerpoint Wealth has chosen MoneyGuidePro® as its central financial planning software tool. It has been named the top choice of financial planning software for eight straight years, according to Financial Planning Magazine’s annual survey.  MoneyGuidePro® (MGP) combines sophisticated financial planning with ease-of-use (for advisors) and clear, concise results (for clients), a simple and winning combination. MGP is the only comprehensive financial planning package that is completely web-based, and is the only goal-based planning system sophisticated enough to produce a high quality financial plan.

MoneyGuidePro® financial planning software was developed for the “real world” where Towerpoint Wealth clients live. We believe that the proper focus for financial planning software is you, the client, and MGP’s design philosophy and planning approach centers on what is most important to clients. MoneyGuidePro’s mission is to assist Towerpoint Wealth in providing reliable, complete, and understandable plans for clients.

Creating a plan begins with establishing what is most important to a client—learning what their goals are. Clients want to know how they can use their financial resources to accomplish their goals.

With the help of MGP, Towerpoint focuses on presenting results and recommendations that are clear and understandable. If a client does not understand their results, they are less likely to take action, and more likely to be dissatisfied.

MoneyGuidePro® helps us to provide “what if” scenarios so that we can explore multiple alternatives, and can see how sensitive a plan is to tax changes or increased longevity. We provide stress testing and risk management so that you can see what might happen to a plan across a range of real world uncertainties (e.g., down markets, premature death, or the need for long-term care).

Finally, MGP is interactive—adjustments can easily be made during a review meeting, and Towerpoint Wealth clients can be directly involved in the creation of their plan. Lastly, accessing your plan from your home, office, or mobile device, is an attractive functionality.

MoneyGuidePro video overview

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