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A Wealth Management FESTIVAL? Future Proof 2023! 09.22.2023

While many of us were “stuck” in our offices tied to our computer screens last week, three of Towerpoint Wealth’s finest were in Surf City USA, soaking in not only the sun, but also the speakers, content, education, and networking of the world’s largest wealth management festival, Future Proof 2023. Akin to South By Southwest, […]

CDs are passé with T-bill rates today! 09.01.2023

When taking a closer look at T-bill rates today versus bank CD best rates, it becomes easier to see why owning a Treasury bill trumps owning a certificate of deposit, all else being equal. In support of this opinion, the Washington Post published a recent Alexis Leondis’ opinion piece about bank CDs that did not mince words: However, […]

The American Dream! Is a College Degree the Economic Key? 08.04.2023

Could it be that Benjamin Franklin was wrong when it comes to the American Dream? Is achieving the American Dream easier after earning a college degree? Or is a college education overvalued, and no longer worth the associated time, costs, and energy? The skepticism about the true value of earning a degree is real. Pundits and authorities […]

Money and Marriage – Getting Hitched Pays! 07.21.2023

“It’s not so much who wears the pants, but how much money is in the pockets.”  Money and marriage often dance together in a delicate waltz of financial decisions and shared goals. For better or worse, money plays a significant role in the dynamics of a marital relationship. From (sometimes) merging bank accounts and setting […]

What is Your ROI For Real Estate? 07.07.2023

ROI, or return on investment, measures the profit earned on an investment after all costs of the investment are deducted. ROI for real estate is simply a measurement of the return on an investment property. Your real estate ROI is a critical metric that every real estate investor should know and compute regularly, yet many fail to do […]

FIRE Investing for Financial Independence! 06.23.2023

In the realm of investing, where opportunities crackle and fortunes are forged, there exists an incandescent area known as FIRE investing. FIRE is an acronym for Financial Independence, Retire Early, and as the flames of financial independence burn brightly, FIRE investing embraces the goal of a self-sufficient life, early retirement (many FIRE investing adherents target a retirement in their late […]

Prognosticate at Your Own Peril! 06.09.2023

Predicting the future is an intriguing and complex endeavor that has captivated human imagination throughout history. And although the Simpsons have somehow consistently done it well, in real life it has also repeatedly been proven to be next to impossible to do. We strongly urge you to express humility about your ability, or anyone else’s, to accurately prognosticate. “Nothing is sure […]

The GREED and FEAR Index – Greed Could Be Good? 05.26.2023

Michael Douglas won critical acclaim and the 1988 Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for playing him in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. And whether you love or despise the notorious Gordon Gekko, the ambitious, manipulative, charismatic, and cold-blooded character became an icon in popular culture, representing the archetype of the ruthless and GREEDY corporate villain.  […]

The Debt Ceiling in America – Why it MATTERS! 05.03.2023

What’s the deal with the debt ceiling in America, and is it important for investors? A dramatically accelerated timeline for lawmakers to negotiate was established on Monday, as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that the debt ceiling in America could be reached as early as June 1 if President Biden and Congress do not come to an agreement to […]

9 Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing 04.21.2023

Most of us recognize that taking a diversified approach to investing is a sound philosophy. There are a myriad of different ways for investors to build and grow their net worth, each with its unique set of risks, rewards, tax consequences, and considerations. Traditionally, in addition to building a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual […]

A Bailout for Banks, Again? Well, Kind Of 3.24.2023

Following the deep wounds created by the still-fresh memory of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007-2008, many are wondering if another bailout for banks is as regulators attempt to stave off a banking crisis that has spread across global markets. This is leading people to rightly wonder: Has this created a moral hazard? Moral hazard is when you knowingly take a […]

Investing Like The Best – Warren Buffett! 03.10.2023

Investing like the best is oftentimes simple, but not necessarily easy. It’s important to be prudent and disciplined, and one way to do this is to try to understand and embrace the mindset, outlook, wealth-building, and wealth-protecting philosophies of Warren Buffett. As the Chairman of the Board for Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK), Buffett pens his Chairman’s Letter every year, highlighting BRK’s annual shareholder […]

LIGHT THE BEAM: The Economic State of Downtown Sacramento 02.24.2023

If you’ve been to a Sacramento Kings home game this year at the Golden1 Center in downtown Sacramento during a game where the team emerges victorious, then you’ve certainly heard (and perhaps participated in) the new spirited and energetic crowd chant: “LIGHT THE BEAM! LIGHT THE BEAM!” Anointed as the “Beam Team” earlier this year, the Kings […]

Why Talking About Money is So Hard! 2.10.2023

Why is talking about money so hard? Be it with your spouse, partner, children, parents, friends, or colleagues, having conversations and talking about money can be stressful, and oftentimes loaded with emotion. We have been taught that money and finances are private, and that talking about money is impolite, even uncouth. Some facts from recent […]

6 Reasons Why Estate Planning is Important 01.27.2023

“I’ve got a will, I’m in good shape.” “I know why estate planning is important – I’ll get around to it soon.” Have you been putting off your estate planning? Why not make 2023 the year you get your estate in order? The thought of planning around your incapacity or death can oftentimes feel like […]

Fortunately, the Market’s Past Performance in 2022 is No Guarantee of Future Results! 01.11.2023

As our clocks struck midnight this past Saturday, advancing from 2022 into 2023, many investors were eager to turn the page on what was a grinding, unsettled, and very difficult year in the financial markets. The only good news that can be taken from the 2022 investor experience? Fortunately, past performance is no guarantee of future results! […]

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