• Budgeting and personal monthly spending and cash flow analysis
  • Tax planning and minimization
    → Tax reduction strategies and modeling
    Tax-efficient investment and portfolio management
    → Intra and end-of-year tax loss harvesting
    → Regular utilization of Bloomberg’s BNA Income Tax Planner software
    → New tax legislation monitoring and optimization
    Tax-optimized investment account liquidation, drawdown, and withdrawal analysis
    → Tax return and deduction opportunity analysis
    → Direct and regular coordination and interfacing with your CPA/tax advisor
  • Debt and liability management strategies and analysis
    → Home mortgage, payment, and mortgage refinance modeling
    → Home equity lines of credit (HELOCs)
    Asset-backed lines of credit 
    → Special purpose loans
    → Custom lending
  • Insurance planning and risk management
    → Life, health, long term care, disability, personal umbrella liability analysis and counsel
    → Fixed, variable, immediate, and equity-indexed annuities
    → Customized asset protection planning
    → Structured notes, CDs, and other products
  • Personal savings and wealth-building strategies
  • Cash management and optimization
    → Banking, high yield checking/savings/money market accounts
    Debit and credit cards from Charles Schwab
    → BillPay, MoneyLink® EFT, and direct deposit
    → Credit card loyalty and rewards points analysis
  • Cash alternatives and equivalents
    MINT, FTSM, CDs, commercial paper, and Treasury notes
  • Real estate
    → Real estate transaction financial modeling and counsel
    1.) Single family and 2.) commercial investment property consulting
    → Rental property cap rate and return on investment (ROI) modeling
    → Section 1031 exchanges
    → Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)
    Forbes article: Why combining real estate expertise with financial planning expertise is a winning combination