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Wealth Management Services

Towerpoint Wealth works to provide our clients with financial peace of mind. The peace of mind that comes from knowing their finances are properly coordinated and on the right track. Simply put, we help our clients take full advantage of the opportunities available to them to make better financial decisions. Towerpoint Wealth clients leverage the many wealth management and financial services we offer, with the singular focus of achieving, and then maintaining, their financial independence. They can live a better life while not worrying about money.

Towerpoint Wealth Financial services:

Comprehensive Financial and Retirement Planning

    • Comprehensive retirement needs analysis
    • Breakdown and discovery of optimal retirement age and spending
    • Budgeting and personal monthly cash flow analysis
    • Monte Carlo and retirement scenario stress testing
    • Black swan” planning and stress testing
    • Debt management strategies
    • Personal savings strategies
    • Monitor and review progress toward personal and financial goals. Adjustments based on changes in assets and/or evolution of personal and family situation
    • MoneyGuidePro

Pre and Post Retirement Income Planning

    • Analysis of guaranteed income sources: Social Security, pension, annuity, corporate retirement plans
    • Social Security benefit optimization planning and strategies
    • Account withdrawal analysis
    • Immediate annuity consulting
    • Cash Feeder Fund retirement income strategy
    • Structured settlements

Investment/Portfolio/Risk Management

    • Customized strategic and tactical diversification/asset allocation development, construction, and implementation
    • Expected returns analysis
    • Risk tolerance analysis and “drill-down”
    • Disciplined rebalancing strategy
    • Socially responsible investing
    • Passive / indexed investment strategies and investment models
    • Active mutual fund and institutional money manager research
    • Derivatives
    • Inflation-hedging
    • Incorporation of unique assets, outside business interests, and concentrated holdings

Investor Behavior Awareness and Management


    • YCharts
    • Briefing
    • Mauldin Economics
    • Callan
    • Morgan Stanley (MS) Matrix
    • Morningstar
    • Partners

Retirement Account Analysis

    • 401(k)/403(b)/457/SEP-IRA/SIMPLE-IRA/defined benefit (DB) plan/non-qualified (NQ) deferred compensation programs.

Concentrated Stock Management

    • Hedging strategies
    • Exchange funds
    • Equity collars
    • Variable prepaid forwards (VPFs)
    • Concentrated Stock Portfolios

Employee Benefits Analysis

Tax Minimization Planning*

    • Tax reduction strategies and analysis
    • Tax efficient investing
    • Tax loss harvesting
    • Tax legislation updates and changes
    • Asset / investment account drawdown and account withdrawal optimization
    • Charitable trust services and administration
    • Charitable giving analysis
    • Tax deduction analysis
    • Direct coordination and planning in interfacing with your CPA/tax advisor for efficient and accurate Federal and State tax return preparation

Education and College Cost Planning

    • Higher education cost analysis and planning
    • 529 tax-free college investment account analysis
    • Evaluation, analysis, and integration of secondary sources for educational costs: UTMA/UGMA x, Education IRAs, grants and scholarships, financial aid, and more

Estate Planning*

    • Establishment of will/revocable trust/estate planning documents
    • Payable on death (POD)/transfer on death (TOD) considerations
    • Special needs trust audit
    • Irrevocable trusts
    • Family limited partnerships
    • Family gifting
    • Beneficiary planning, audit, and analysis
    • Joint ownership and community property analysis
    • Estate administration and settlement management
    • Incapacity planning
    • Multi-generational planning and family meeting facilitation
    • Direct coordination and planning in interfacing with your estate planning attorney

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

    • Life, health, long-term care, disability, personal liability umbrella insurance portfolio analysis and consulting
    • Fixed/variable/equity-indexed annuity analysis
    • Key-man insurance and buy-sell agreement consulting and funding
    • Customized asset protection planning

Alternative Investment Analytics

    • Residential/commercial real estate, private equity, currencies, venture capital, hedge funds, commodities, managed futures, and Timberland.
    • Sourcing, due diligence, and review best in class managers to find unique alternative investment opportunities
    • Structured products and investments
    • iCapital: An outsourced alternative-investment platform that provides online access to powerful research tools, diligence materials, in-demand managers, streamlined subscriptions and reporting, and alternative-investment offerings to advisors and investors.
    • Access in-demand managers, research investment offerings with diligence materials and powerful research tools, and invest using iCapital’s online portal for simple, streamlined subscriptions and reporting

Real Estate*

Credit, Lending, and Liability Management

    • Home mortgage refinancing analysis
    • HELOCs and other lines of credit
    • Special purpose loans
    • Structured products
    • Securities/asset-backed lending and other custom lending
    • Business financing

Philanthropic Services

Cash Management Consulting

    • Banking services
      • Checking/savings/money market accounts
      • Debit/credit cards
      • BillPay and direct deposit
    • Credit card loyalty and rewards programs analysis
    • High yield money market account search and analysis
    • CDs, commercial paper, Treasury bills and notes

Performance Analytics and Account-Aggregation Reporting

Business and Entrepreneurial Services

Corporate Retirement Plan Consulting

    • 401(k), 403(b), 457, SIMPLE-IRA, profit sharing, defined benefit plans
    • Non-qualified deferred compensation programs
    • ESOPs
    • Defined benefit/pension

Colleagues, Friends, and Family Benefits

All colleagues, friends, and family members of Towerpoint Wealth clients gain immediate, no-strings-attached direct access to our knowledge, planning, and expertise free of charge, independent of whether they are or become a client.

* Towerpoint Wealth collaborates with attorneys, CPAs, real estate agents, and other professional service providers in helping them expand the range of services they can offer our mutual clients. Towerpoint Wealth does not provide specific tax or legal advice. Please contact us to discuss further.