From a Real Estate Pro

From a Real Estate Pro

Rental Property Analysis Calculator

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Purpose: The Property Analyzer is a tool to evaluate a property's cashflow characteristics. The areas highlighted in gray are for the user to enter data. The orange highlighted cells are automatically calculated. Enter the information for the real estate investment property you'd like to analyze and the Rental Property Analysis Calculator will calculate several helpful ratios and profitability measures to better help you understand how the property is performing as a good real estate investment.

         Indicates an area for the user to enter data.

         Indicates an area that is automatically calculated.


Loan to Value (LTV) = Loan / Property Value

LTV is a measurement of leverage. The higher the LTV, the more leveraged a property. Bank's use this to determine the riskiness of a loan.

NOTE: This spreadsheet provided is best used as a reference and should not be considered a substitute for proper property analysis and should be used at your own risk.

Property Information

Cost Information

Mortgage Information

Rental Income (Annual)

Operating Expenses (Annual)

Cashflow Results

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