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Helping you remove the hassle of properly coordinating all of
your financial affairs, so you can live a happier life and enjoy retirement.

Minimize Taxes – Optimize Retirement Income – Professional Fiduciary Services – Manage Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Slide thumbnailwhite transparent gradient Manage Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) Minimize Taxes - Professional Fiduciary Services - Optimize Retirement Income -Helping you remove the hassle of properly coordinating all of
your financial affairs, so you can live a happier life and enjoy retirement.


We are a Sacramento wealth management advisory firm staffed with advisors credentialed as a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP), as a Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA), and as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

As a boutique wealth management firm, we have a legal fiduciary obligation to you, our client, and our fully independent financial advisors welcome helping you construct a customized, disciplined, and comprehensive financial, investment, and retirement plan.


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Serving clients in 17 states

Helping people coordinate all of their financial affairs throughout Sacramento, Northern CA, and across the United States. 

26+ years of experience

Assisting higher net worth families, professionals, and retirees.

More than 300 trusted client partnerships

And continuing to strategically grow.


As a fiduciary financial advisor to our clients, we are acutely attuned, but rarely reactive, to the latest financial, societal, and economic developments. Being a boutique wealth management advisory firm, one of the ways we fulfill our legal fiduciary responsibility to you, our client, is through the publication of various wealth management informational guides & checklists, blog posts, and educational videos.

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Victor Duran
Victor Duran
Towerpoint Wealth provides the most professional and beneficial wealth management services ever. Thank you to Joe Eschelman and team for 4-1/2 years of service to our family.
Corina Bronny
Corina Bronny
Words can not beginning to describe the level of excellence Towerpoint Wealth exhibits. I am truly grateful for their professionalism, wisdom, and competence with my financial investments. This company truly goes above, and beyond. I would highly recommend them to anyone ready to invest in their future. In such uncertain financial times…… it never is to early to start. Thank you guys for everything. Sincerely Corina Bronny ICU RN
Carol Kouklis
Carol Kouklis
Joseph and the whole team are great communicators and present information clearly and in a timely fashion. They are responsive, thoughtful, caring and humorous. They know me and my interests and my financial goals and desires and work to help me realize them. Special shout out to Lori, who is amazing!
Jim B
Jim B
Getting close to retirement age (a few years away)and I have faithfully contributed to my 401k and have been making my own investment/allocation decisions. I am a buy and hold investor- never sold in a downturn and tried not to invest in an upturn market. I would reevaluate my positions twice yearly. I have always had a hard time selling to reap profits. Wisdom states to become less aggressive as one nears retirement so I soul searched and determined that is what I must do for my retirement years and an investment advisor would be in my best interest.I did my due diligence by searching multiple sites/firms and even interviewed a few. I highly recommend you do the same.One of the firms was Towerpoint Wealth.Going in I had the usual emotions-anxiousness, a feeling of wasting my time again, wondering if they would fit my investment style, etc.Immediately upon entering their office I felt invited and welcomed. Jonathan and Steve introduced themselves before I even had a chance to meet Joseph.On our first meeting Joseph was very knowledgeable, addressed my concerns, interests, and asked about my goals, plans, and future visions.On my next meeting with Joseph I was presented with a game plan on a white board addressing how the firm can help with my goals and lifestyle wishes. Very impressive. This company fit my investment style and temperament (Is there such a thing?) As a small fish in the ocean they made me feel like a large fish.So, after about 2 years of searching, Towerpoint Wealth is my personal decision. I don’t think you could do yourself a disservice by putting Towerpoint on your interview list.As I am a fairly new client to their service I will update my review down the line as the situation warrants.So far a great start and have complete confidence it will be a great relationship.Best wishes on your journey also. JimP.S. Shout out to Lori for her excellent communication informing me of any needs/concerns.
Ken Civiello
Ken Civiello
I have been a client of Towerpoint from their beginning. Have always been impressed with the quality of the entire staff, and their desire to provide support and assistance.
Mike Bronny
Mike Bronny
Joseph and his team of experts, allows our family to not worry about how to safeguard and manage our Living Trust. Joseph has guided us for more than 15 years with zero issues. We have recommended Joseph to friends and family and they are all extremely happy with Joesph and his team management of their portfolios.
James Roxburgh
James Roxburgh
Joseph and Team are fantastic! Such an amazing attention to detail with a great personal touch; follow-through is outstanding! Thank you Towerpoint Wealth Team!
Bobby Rinkle
Bobby Rinkle
I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan W. LaTurner and Joseph Eschleman for the last decade. As well as their staff, I find them very professional and courteous. And I look forward to working with them for many more years!
Sabrina Murphy
Sabrina Murphy
The TPW team are great people, extremely knowledgeable on all things financial, and industry contacts to assist with retirement planning, taxes, real estate, trusts, insurance, etc. TPW helped us consolidate our assets, even if they aren't managing them directly, to better understand our net worth. Able to respond on financial issues in a timely manner.TPW listens to the client; their long term view aligns with us on investment strategy.
Kevin Ballard
Kevin Ballard
Joseph Eschleman and the entire Towerpoint Wealth Team are a pleasure to work with. They are prompt to answer any financial question, many times outside of traditional work hours. The support and genuine interest in achieving the best results for my family is what makes them special.
Brett Miles
Brett Miles
Joe has been our advisor for 15 years and his results are fantastic. His guidance and advice for navigating to retirement and beyond is invaluable.
Brian Barrette
Brian Barrette
Excellent service. No pressure to purchase or sell stocks or bonds.
Ted Cohen
Ted Cohen
Excellent service by Joseph and his team
Ron Allen
Ron Allen
We have been long-term clients of Joseph since before Towerpoint Wealth was formed, and been very happy with the advice and stewardship of our investments. Towerpoint has put together a great team that has found a way to be both personal and professional.As we transition into retirement, we have enough confidence in Towerpoint Wealth to put our trust and financial future primarily in their hands.
Shannon Downs
Shannon Downs
I've been working with Towerpoint Wealth, LLC for the past several years. Their staff is knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I feel confident entrusting my client's assets with their firm.
Erik Coffman
Erik Coffman
Joseph and his team are incredible. Joseph is extremely knowledgeable and responsive whenever questions come up. We rely on his expertise and contacts for all things money and finance related, most recently in regards to connecting us with a mortgage lender with the best rates and lowest fees for a new home purchase. He never disappoints and our family feels very secure knowing we have him in our corner. Thank you Joseph and Towerpoint Wealth for all that you do.
Ben Clark
Ben Clark
I’m very impressed with their professionalism and look forward to a long relationship.
Richard Langan
Richard Langan
My wife and I have been clients of Joseph Eschleman for well over a decade including time prior to the formation of Towerpoint Wealth. Throughout this relationship Joseph and his associates have been professional, proactive, knowledgeable and resourceful. His assistance has been invaluable to us in building and refining our financial strategy. He and his team are always available and responsive and have been a great resource to our family including professional references outside Towerpoint including formation of a living trust and help navigating the complexities of Medicare gap insurance.
Anna Henderson
Anna Henderson
I have been one of Joseph Eschesleman's clients since I retired more than 15 years ago. He and his team have always impressed me with a sound strategy for my financial needs. In forming Towerpoint, he has brought in more professionals to handle all aspects of financial services. They are very knowledgeable and accommodating individuals. It's always been my feeling that you can believe in a company that has loyal long-time employees and Towerpoint does. I would not hesitate to recommend the Towerpoint team..
Jack Brothers
Jack Brothers
Towerpoint Wealth is a proactive organization that has consistently earned the trust we have long held. Business is always conducted on a very professional, but also a highly personal level. Long-term results clearly demonstrate excellence regarding communications and technical competence. A great group of people, to boot!
Teri Brothers
Teri Brothers
I've known these people for many years and they're the best at every single thing they do. They really care about the people they serve.
James Callaghan
James Callaghan
My wife and I have been very satisfied and happy in our association with Towerpoint Wealth. We have been clients with Joseph Eschleman for many years, When we started we were interviewed at length about our goals, and preferred style of investing. Those decisions have been faithfully and carefully followed. As a result we are much better off financially, and we feel very secure about our investments. We enjoy meeting with him personally for our quarterly review meetings. We would recommend his services to anyone !
Paul Herman
Paul Herman
TowerPoint has done an excellent job managing my portfolio, giving sound advice and strategies necessary to wade through some turbulent times. Joseph and the team at TowerPoint are first class!
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Why is it important to have a financial advisor?

Accumulating money doesn’t always lead directly to economic peace of mind. This money also has to be properly managed and protected if it’s going to last you through your lifetime. It is not common to have the time, expertise, desire, patience, or discipline to establish, and then consistently execute on, a well-thought-out and customized wealth-building and wealth-protecting plan, so that when you’re ready to stop working, your net worth will be enough to help you enjoy the rest of your life.

Investing, coordinating, protecting, and managing your wealth and assets is a challenge that increases as your net worth does.

This leads to the inevitable question that many investors find themselves asking at some point in their net worth building journey – “How and where can I partner with a trustworthy, qualified, and supportive financial advisor who can help me properly manage and coordinate much of this financial heavy lifting?” Sacramento Financial Advisor Near Me

How important is it to have a local financial advisor?

We enjoy the opportunity to connect with our clients in person to deepen our relationships and foster healthy communication and planning, and though we are a Sacramento wealth management firm, we regularly partner with clients in Granite Bay, Rocklin, Roseville, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Auburn, Davis, and throughout the Northern California region.

While important, in-person meetings aren’t a requirement for a wealth management partnership. More important is that you find someone with the best qualifications for financial advisor.

Find a Sacramento Certified Financial Planner Near You today.

What are the advantages of working with a fully independent wealth management firm?

Almost six years ago, our three founding partners were employed by a major Wall Street firm, and felt that a “graduation” was in order, for both themselves, but more importantly, for each of their clients. The decision was made to establish Towerpoint Wealth as a boutique, fully independent wealth management firm, as it had become evident that we could serve our clients’ needs much more effectively as an independent firm, with a much broader array of tools, technology, and investment products to assist our clients. Additionally, and importantly, we are now legal fiduciaries to our clients, are responsible to act in our clients’ best interests 100% of the time, and are no longer obliged to prioritize the interests of our employer over those of our clients.

The technology available to us as a fully independent firm far surpasses the financial, reporting, tax, investment, and retirement planning tools we were previously beholden to. Access to this type of technology enables us at Towerpoint Wealth to serve our clients with a wider and more advanced spectrum of resources, eclipsing our previous capabilities. This open-architecture model frees us from the legacy systems to which we were previously captive. We believe this work environment minimizes conflicts between us and the needs of our clients. As Sacramento Independent financial advisors, we work for our clients and no longer for a major bank or brokerage firm, and serve our clients in an environment free from corporate influences and mandates. Independent financial advisors.

What services do you provide exactly?

Towerpoint Wealth, a boutique investment firm in downtown Sacramento, seeks to provide clients financial peace of mind, gained from knowing that their finances are properly coordinated. Simply put, our Sacramento Financial Advisors help our clients make better financial decisions and take full advantage of the opportunities available to them, while also focusing on minimizing the ever-present risks that exist within the economy and financial markets.

At Towerpoint Wealth, a Sacramento financial advisor firm, we offer a broad-based array of resources to provide solutions, planning, counsel, and advice.

With the best financial advisor, you will have someone at your side who will help you make smart financial decisions. Want to retire early? Not sure what to do with your RSUs? Not sure if you need an estate plan? We will help you properly manage not just your money and investments, but all of your personal financial affairs, supporting you with the guidance of a well-educated, responsive, focused and diligent partner.

Our singular focus is on helping our clients towards achieving, and then maintaining, their financial independence, allowing them to live a better life and a comfortable retirement while building net worth and protecting net worth. Sacramento Wealth Management Services >

Can I retire on 2 million dollars?

Retiring with 2 million dollars for some sounds like a dream, and for others not nearly enough. A 2020 survey from Schwab Retirement Plan Services found that the average worker expects to need roughly $1.9 million to retire comfortably. When can I retire? Is retiring with 2 million dollars a reasonable goal? There certainly are number of things to consider before attempting to answer this question. We appreciate the responsibility of helping you to clarify questions like this one, as we believe it is essential to combine both the “art” and the “science” of wealth management and financial planning when working with you to make informed decisions about important financial matters, like when to retire.

Want to read more about our wealth management philosophy?

Want to read more about retiring with 2 million dollars?

Want to read more about having a retirement plan?

What is your approach to helping clients?

Here at Towerpoint Wealth, we believe that money, in the purest sense of its form, is simply a means to an end. Financial independence means having enough money to ensure your peace of mind. Our wealth management philosophy is grounded in a consultative process that begins with simply sitting down, talking with, and beginning to get to know you. Understanding your hopes, dreams, background, fears, motivations, and vision you have for your and your family’s future may take a sincere investment of our (and your) time and energy, but is absolutely essential in building a long-term foundation to ensure you receive the best and most intimate planning, counsel, and guidance, and so we may construct the most customized plan for your financial future.

We also expect to regularly collaborate with your other professional service providers to ensure that the many non-investment specific aspects of your financial life are properly coordinated and integrated into your customized wealth management plan. From tax management and minimization to comprehensive estate planning, and from real estate coordination to business and insurance considerations, there are typically a myriad of components to your customized financial plan that we believe need to be considered and integrated into your strategy.

In other words, our Sacramento Financial Advisors sincerely care about understanding you and what makes you tick. Towerpoint Wealth Philosophy & Strategy >

Are you a legal a fiduciary for your clients?

Yes. We are a legal fiduciary for our clients. In the investment field, there are two types of primary parties who are able to offer investment advice to individuals, as well as to institutional clients such as pension funds, non-profit organizations and corporations. These parties are 1.) fiduciary financial advisors and 2.) investment brokers who are employees of broker-dealers.

Many clients may say “what’s the difference?” and consider the investment advice they receive from each party as similar; however, there is a key difference that oftentimes is not completely understood by the investing public. The difference pertains to two very different professional standards that fiduciary financial advisors versus investment brokers must adhere to, and the distinction has immensely important implications for individuals who hire outside financial assistance.

Learn more about what it means to have a fiduciary financial advisor.

How do I increase my net worth?

Why do investors feel smarter and more confident when the markets are rising, and dumber and less confident when the markets are declining? One word: emotions. At Towerpoint Wealth, we believe that an essential quality of a skilled financial advisor is the ability to help a client remain objective, avoid becoming overconfident, and also manage the feeling of hopelessness when the markets (and client account balances) inevitably go through temporary periods of decline. Managing emotions and remaining objective when making financial decisions can be difficult to do by oneself, but is an essential component of longer-term success in building and protecting net worth. Net Worth.

What estate planning documents do I need?

If you have a financial plan, you also have an estate. In fact, no matter your net worth, once you die, everything you own is considered part of the estate you left behind. It is essential to have an estate plan and properly drafted estate planning documents that specify how you want your assets distributed upon incapacity or death. When most individuals are thinking about estate planning and wills and assembling their estate planning documents, there are also tax consequences to think about. A truly comprehensive estate plan considers both the tax consequences for you during life, as well as those that the beneficiaries of your estate may face. Estate Planning

What do I need to understand about the taxation of restricted stock units?

Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) can be a significant component of an employee’s compensation package. But the taxation of restricted stock units, a form of stock based compensation whereby an employee receives rights to shares of stock in a company that are subject to certain restrictions, can be fairly complex. While RSUs do not represent actual ownership or equity interest in a company until they vest, they do become taxable upon vesting.

Our Sacramento Financial Advisors are here to help.  Please contact us with any questions you have about building an RSU strategy?

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