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Benefits of Independence

Independent financial advisor firm

Being an independent advisor firm affords Towerpoint Wealth clients substantial benefits. As independent financial advisors, we operate in a transparent environment, are not inhibited by the bureaucracy we saw working as employees of a large financial services corporation, are not tied to any one institution’s offerings, and are not constrained nor influenced by corporate agendas and conflicts-of-interest we identified at large Wall Street banks. We believe that traditional model is broken, as most clients are underserved because of the big banks’ embedded conflicts of interest.

Alternatively, Towerpoint Wealth’s goal is to ensure our clients receive the most appropriate solutions that best meet their needs without the limitations of a single platform. Our firm has revitalized our services, and reaffirmed our commitment to helping you fulfill your personal and financial objectives through comprehensive wealth planning.

Why Independent
Code of Professional Responsibility
Fiduciary Standard
Triangulation of Advice

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