Sacramento financial planner – Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Worried too much of your net worth is concentrated in company stock or Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)?

You work hard to build your net worth, but may not have the time, depth of knowledge, or interest to properly coordinate all of your financial affairs, research your own investments, or design a successful longer-term financial plan.

Where should you turn with questions about managing your RSUs, 401(k), and other company benefits? Join other technology employees and find a team of disciplined professionals that can help you make objective and smart decisions about your financial future.

At Towerpoint Wealth, we work directly with leading experts across a range of disciplines—including tax management and minimization, employee benefits, estate planning, real estate, insurance, and liability management—to provide a fully integrated approach to your financial goals. And, Towerpoint Wealth is a fiduciary: we are legally and personally obligated and committed to acting in your best interests.

Are you aware of these four basic facts about RSU and taxes?

  • Your RSU /equity compensation award is considered ordinary income, taxable in the year your grant vests and/or shares are delivered to you.
  • Your compensation is the fair market value (FMV) of the stock at the time of vesting, less the amount (if any) you paid for the shares, multiplied by the number of shares vested.
  • If you are a salaried worker, your employer should include the value of your RSU award in your W-2.
  • If you sell your stock, you may owe tax on any capital gains.

We help you remove the hassle of properly managing your financial affairs – so you can live a happier life and enjoy retirement.

Towerpoint Wealth Sacramento Independent Financial Advisor

Lori A. Heppner – Director of Client Services | Jonathan W. LaTurner – Partner, Wealth Advisor | Nathan P. Billigmeier – Director of Research and Analytics | Michelle Venezia, Client Service Specialist | Steve Pitchford, CPA, CFP®️ – Director of Tax and Financial Planning | Joseph Eschleman, CIMA®️ – President

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