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Philosophy & Strategy

Towerpoint Wealth believes that money, in the purest sense of its form, is just a means to an end. And while having enough wealth forms the cornerstone in helping clients achieve, and then maintain, the peace of mind that goes along with being financially independent, we firmly believe in a consultative process that begins the financial planning process with getting to know and learn about you, our client: your hopes, dreams, background, fears, motivations, and vision you have of your and your family’s future. In other words, our Sacramento Financial Advisors sincerely want to know what makes you tick.

We will learn about your unique history, and help and challenge you to clarify your distinct goals, values, and dreams, rather than simply inquiring about your balance sheet. We seek personal insight into your life in order to understand the role money plays for you. By adding our professional financial planning and wealth management expertise and wisdom, we will coach you towards your personal goals and financial peace of mind.

While it is filled with acute events along the way, life is a journey. People are not static, financial circumstances are not static, and Towerpoint Wealth’s work, management, and planning are not static either. We believe having a plan and a relationship with a firm who understands that we are all in a constant state of change is essential and that proactively monitoring and revising (without micro-managing) your plan along the way is necessary for success, and ultimately, the peace of mind that true financial independence brings.

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