There are Solutions for Required Minimum! Distributions!

What are Required Minimum Distributions, RMDs? How should an individual plan for them within the context of a tax-efficient retirement strategy? Download to learn more about RMDs.

Maximizing an
Estate Planning

Maximizing an Inheritance Estate Planning

When creating a comprehensive estate plan, having a clear understanding of, and properly planning for these taxes will help ensure your beneficiaries get the largest inheritance possible.

It’s Tax Time :
The Frustrations
of Form 1099

It’s Tax Time : The Frustrations of Form 1099

What exactly is a Form 1099, why can they be so frustrating to process, and how do you manage the problem of receiving an amended one? Read our financial white paper to learn more!

5 Steps to
Retiring with
$2 Million

5 Steps to Retiring with $2 Million

We’ve put together 5 steps you can take to increase the size of your nest egg and considerations for a well-thought out, customized, retirement plan in this white paper.

and Protecting
Net Worth

An Attorney's Guide to Building and Protecting Net Worth

As your net worth increases, so does the responsibility of managing it. “An Attorney’s Guide to Building and Protecting” white paper will guide you to how to build net worth.

24 Karat Shine
or Pyrite for
Your Portfolio?

24 Karat Shine or Pyrite for Your Portfolio?

Does gold belong in your investment portfolio? This white paper will discusses some drawbacks of owning gold within a diversified financial wealth investment portfolio.

2020 : The Perfect
Year For a
Roth Conversion

2020 : The Perfect Year For a Roth Conversion

This white paper will discuss what a “Roth IRA conversion” is, who may benefit from a Roth conversion, why 2020 is a potentially great year to do a Roth conversion.


Digital Security Basics Working From Home

Millions of workers have begun to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. This white paper will give you tips for Digital Security best practices to help prevent cybercrime.

IRS Scams:
The Big Six
of the Dirty Dozen

IRS Scams: The Big Six of the Dirty Dozen

The most commonly practiced tax scams that the IRS identifies each year. Which of these current and past IRS scams should you be most worried about? We discuss six worth keeping a special eye on.

Our 5 Strategies
to Help Manage
Risk and Taxes

IRS Scams: The Big Six of the Dirty Dozen

How can an investor mitigate the risk of having too much of their net worth concentrated in a single appreciated stock, and avoid significant tax liabilities? We explore 5 effective strategies.

Tax Planning:
Tax Cuts and
Jobs Act (TCJA)

Tax Planning: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2018 is the most significant amendment to the Federal tax law since 1986, causing drastic changes to both the individual and corporate tax code.

Stock Units

Restricted Stock Units RSUs | 411 on RSUs

Restricted Stock Units, can be a significant component of an employee’s compensation package. But what exactly are rsu restricted stock? How do you know the taxation of restricted stock units

Fund (QOF)

Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF) | Towerpoint Wealth Guide

Investing in an Opportunity Zone through a financial wealth investment called a Qualified Opportunity Fund (QOF), investors have the opportunity to defer, reduce, and eliminate capital gains taxes.

The 411
on Estate

The 411 on Estate Planning

An estate plan is a collection of documents that specify how you want your assets distributed upon incapacity or death. Find out the answer to this question, what estate planning documents do I need?


Responsible Investing (RI) | What's In A Name

Responsible investing (RI) is any investment strategy which seeks to consider social/environmental issues in addition to financial return. This white paper focuses on widely discussed types of strategies.

Retirement Income

Tax-Efficient Retirement Income Strategies

A tax-efficient retirement income strategy is crucial to maximizing an investor’s probability of success in retirement. But what exactly is this strategy? Why is it important? Below we will tackle these questions and more.

Is Your
in Disarray?

Retirement Plan 401k Disarray

Is your company-sponsored 401(k) retirement plan structured and optimized properly to help you and your employees maximize the myriad of economic, investment, and tax benefits?

Your Charitable

Charity Time Towerpoint Wealth White Paper Six Strategies to Optimize Your Charitable Intentions

Are you optimizing your philanthropy and gifting strategy? Read this financial white paper to find charitable giving strategies designed to help you better understand your options.

Estate Planning

TPW Estate Planning Checklist White PaperClick Here To Download Checklist

Estate planning is an important personal way to plan for the inevitability of death. Here are 6 elements of Estate Planning for you to consider now.

Year End
Young Professional
Financial Checklist

Year End Young Professional Financial ChecklistClick Here To Download Checklist

Take a closer look at our end-of-year estate planning checklist, which can (should?) be used in conjunction with your year-end financial planning.

Minimizing Costs,
and Tax
Reducing Strategies

minimize the income taxes on your portfolioClick Here To Download Checklist

Reduce investment costs and minimize taxes to keep more of your money. Save more money by minimizing costs, taxes, expenses, and fees, and other tax reducing strategies.

Tax Reference

2023 Tax Reference Guide DownloadClick Here To Download Checklist

This 2023 essential tax “cheat sheet” was designed to help you take advantage of the many tax deductions and opportunities there are to help you shave money off of your tax bill!

Secure Act 2.0
11 Key Provisions

Year End Young Professional Financial Checklist
Click Here To Download Checklist

From retirement savings to student debt, the Secure Act 2.0 is an extremely impactful piece of brand new legislation.