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Wealth Management Services

Wealth management services

Wealth management services are financial services that combine investment guidance with other considerations of financial planning. At Towerpoint Wealth,  this includes minimizing taxes, maximizing employment benefits, serving estates and trusts, creating a strategic plan to managing your wealth and building net worth for current and future financial security, and other financial services.

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Investing, coordinating, protecting, and managing your wealth and assets is a challenge. We listen first and then serve. Want to add diversity, real estate, gold, or Bitcoin to your portfolio? Inspired to set new financial goals? Eager to make ESG investments a part of your net worth? Interested in building an RSU or employee stock options strategy? Are you doing retirement planning? Or do you need to make sure your family to is taken care of? What estate planning documents do I need?

At Towerpoint Wealth, our wealth management services team works hand-in-hand with clients, their estate attorneys and tax professionals, and our family of operations, research, and technology partners, to provide our clients with the financial peace of mind that comes from knowing their finances are properly coordinated and on the right track.

Towerpoint Wealth clients leverage the many financial wealth management services we offer, with the singular focus of growing net worth, achieving, and then maintaining, financial independence.

Simply put, our Sacramento wealth management firm is here to help our clients take full advantage of the opportunities available to them to make better financial decisions. Our clients can live a better life while not worrying about money.

* Towerpoint Wealth collaborates with attorneys, CPAs, real estate agents, and other professional service providers in helping them expand the range of services they can offer our mutual clients. Towerpoint Wealth does not provide specific tax or legal advice. Please contact us to discuss further managing your wealth.

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