Align your portfolio and financial strategy with your values through ESG investing and charitable giving.

Impact, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), and socially responsible investing have evolved from peripheral investment concepts to now include more than 500 sustainability-focused index funds and over $250 billion U.S. investment assets. Is this kind of investing profitable? How does impact investing work?

At Towerpoint Wealth, a Sacramento Wealth Management firm, we have cultivated an ESG investing and socially responsible investing initiative to better serve our clients. This kind of impact investing involves aligning portfolio management and investment strategies with your personal values. It is designed around your definition of socially responsible investing. Charitable trust management is another way to support the causes you believe in and assure you receive the tax benefits of doing so.

We work with our clients to create sustainable investing strategies, meet their philanthropic goals with charitable trust management, and build financial peace of mind.

  • ESG, impact, and socially responsible investing
    → Ethic Investments
  • Charitable giving and gifting strategies
  • Philanthropic planning
    → Donor advised funds (DAFs)
    → Pooled income funds (PIFs)
    → Charitable trust management and administration
    → Endowment management and consulting

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How does socially responsible investing work? What’s ESG investing? What is charitable trust management?

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