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Why Independent

We have decided to become independent for many reasons, the most central of which is you, our client. Because we are no longer employees of a large brokerage firm, we are no longer obliged to prioritize the interests of our employer over those of our clients. We are confident that we can serve your needs much more effectively as an independent firm. Over the last ten years, the technology available to independent firms has far surpassed earlier financial tools. Access to these advances enables us at Towerpoint Wealth to serve our clients with a wider and more advanced spectrum of worldwide, cutting-edge resources, eclipsing our previous capabilities. This open-architecture model frees us from the legacy systems to which we were previously captive, allowing us to leverage innovative technology on your behalf. Simply put, we believe our work environment minimizes conflicts between us and our clients. This allows us to focus on serving clients and helping them improve their financial lives through integrated, transparent and more personalized solutions.

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As an independent firm, we are free from corporate agendas we identified at large Wall Street banks and are able to operate in the best interests of our clients. We were tired of finding ourselves stuck on a closed platform that offered only what the parent firm deemed appropriate. Now, we may cultivate more direct relationships with our clients because there is no middleman. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are no longer held to the basic suitability standard for any client accounts; we are now legally held to the highest standard in the industry, the fiduciary standard. Being independent gives us a greater level of agility and expands our ability to focus on what we do best: advocate for you with the highest level of attention and dedication to your needs. As Towerpoint Wealth, we are optimally positioned to help you achieve your goals with complete objectivity, transparency and expanded capabilities.

Five key benefits of independent financial advisors

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