Luis Barrera

Marketing Specialist


Luis Barrera, Marketing Specialist

Luis has accumulated years of experience in the field of marketing, working with various regional and national brands. He began his career with Freedom Communications, an American media conglomerate that operated daily and weekly newspapers, websites, and mobile applications. After Freedom, Luis started consulting for companies that included casinos, entertainment venues, mental health and wellness practices, and real estate developers.

In 2010 Luis pursued his love of visual arts and became a freelance photographer. Since then, he’s had the opportunity to shoot with Grammy award-winning artist BELANOVA, Billboard Hot 100 Musician Neon Hitch, and television personalities, like Jaymes Vaughan and American Idol and Broadway performer Josh Strickland.

He moved to Sacramento over a decade ago and enjoys the city’s downtown and midtown life. In 2020, Luis set down roots and purchased his first home, a 1940s ranch-style house. He has since discovered the “joys” of owning an older home, spending much of his free time remodeling with his partner and their two Australian Shepherds, Bella and Blue.

Luis enjoys blending his knowledge of marketing with his passion for the visual arts to create marketing campaigns that drive a clear message to consumers.



  • 12 years of experience in digital marketing, social media, geo fencing, branding and community outreach in various industries.
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