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Front Street Animal Shelter Community Day 12.19.2023

Last week, the Towerpoint Wealth team carved out a full morning to dedicate some time (and a little grit and elbow grease) to support the Front Street Animal Shelter’s Pet Food Pantry program.

The Pet Food Pantry program operates every Wednesday from 10AM-12PM in the Shelters parking lot, and ensures that all pet owners in need receive vital food and supplies for their furry friends.

Our team assembled and handed out 10lb. bags of free pet food, and also helped out by washing and disinfecting dog and cat bowls and toys, as well as creating pet name tags.

The Shelter is currently offering free adoptions until December 23rd, making it the perfect time to welcome a new furry family member!

Please click the video below to watch a fun recap of our volunteer morning at the Shelter!

Towerpoint Wealth is committed to giving back to our local community, and in that spirit, we are pleased to offer a 100% match, up to $5,000, of any charitable donations you make to the Front Street Animal Shelter.

Please simply email us your donation receipt at, and we will promptly email you a confirmation of our matching donation within 48 hours.

Let’s continue to come together and support the Front Street Animal Shelter, and their mission of providing love, care, and a brighter future for pets in need!


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Thank you and Merry Christmas, Ascent Builders! 12.12.2023

In the spirit of enduring partnership, Scott Kelly and Patty McElwain stopped by the Towerpoint Wealth headquarters yesterday to drop off their MUCH-anticipated Christmas wreath! This emblematic gesture not only reflects the holiday spirit, but also underscores the strength of our business relationship.

The wonderful aroma of pine trees that now engulfs our office now serves as a pleasant reminder of the shared values, mutual respect, and seamless cooperation we share with Ascent. Here’s to continued success and shared triumphs in 2024!

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Towerpoint Wealth Tours Salesforce Building in SF 12.04.2023

The world of wealth management is complex and nuanced, as is the technology needed to effectively run a wealth management firm. Fortunately for us and for our clients, we utilize Salesforce as our operational backbone, helping us efficiently and intelligently manage virtually every area of our company as we strive for exceptional client satisfaction and service.

Yesterday, our President, Joseph Eschleman, and Partner, Wealth Advisor, Jonathan LaTurner, visited Dodge Williams at the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco. Understanding the pace of change and innovation in the Artificial Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management industry, it is essential that we ensure that our partnership is sound and that our Salesforce instance is operating crisply.

Not just a repository for data, Salesforce is truly the “invisible hand” behind the TPW operation, and we are happy to leverage it in amplifying our ability to understand, anticipate, and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

Towerpoint Wealth Tours Salesforce Building in SF
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Luis Barrera Attends the 2023 Digital Summit in San Diego 10.27.2023

Our Marketing Specialist, Luis Barrera is taking San Diego by storm at the Digital Summit.

We are happy to support Luis’ journey of learning new marketing skills, expanding his marketing knowledge, and making invaluable connections with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Stay tuned for the game-changing ideas and innovations he’ll be bringing back to Towerpoint Wealth.

Check out the list of marketing strategies Luis has been learning :

  • Accessibility
  • AI & Chat GPT
  • B2B Marketing
  • Branding
  • Content Planning & Development
  • Creative & Design
  • Customer Journeys
  • Data & Analytics
  • Disruptive Tech
  • eCommerce
  • Email Deliverability & Engagement
  • Future-proofing Tactics
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Inclusivity
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Keyword Research
  • KPI’s & Stakeholder Management
  • Lead Gen
  • MarTech Solutions
  • Mental Health & Professional Growth
  • Omnichannel
  • Paid Ads
  • Personas
  • Podcasting
  • Reels & Stories
  • SEO Performance & Strategy
  • Social Strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok, Twitter
  • Storytelling
  • UX & Consumer Behavior
  • Viral Branding & Messaging
  • Website UX
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TPW Webinar: AI Decoded: Unlocking the Secrets of Artificial Intelligence! 11.06.2023

Everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). What is the AI question top of your mind? In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, the AI user experience affects everything we do. At Towerpoint Wealth, we believe that AI is a tool that can enhance efficiency and help solve complex problems. In this webinar, “AI Decoded, Unlocking the Secrets of Artificial Intelligence,” Joseph Eschleman, President of Towerpoint Wealth, is joined by three experts on the AI user experience. Chris Gannatti is the Global Head of Research at Wisdom Tree, Linda Duessel is the Senior Vice President at Federated, and Michael Grant is the CO-CIO at Calamos.

Data, tech, algorithms, human intelligence and machine learning combine into the AI user experience. The most frequently heard AI question is perhaps the most basic: What exactly is AI?

To answer this AI question in the simplest terms, the AI user experience is all about enhancing productivity in our lives, and in our businesses and industry. In this video, hear a conversation intended to show AI decoded, where your AI question is answered.

Joseph Eschleman, President of Towerpoint Wealth
Chris Gannatti, Global Head of Research at Wisdom Tree
Linda Duessel, Senior Vice President at Federated Hermes
Michael Grant, Co-CIO at Calamos Investments

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The Peace of Mind of Being a Towerpoint Wealth Client – Our Partnership with Charles Schwab 08.07.2023

Our President, Joseph Eschleman, and Partner, Wealth Advisor, Jonathan LaTurner, enjoyed connecting with Anne Stauffer, TPW’s Schwab Advisor Services relationship manager, for an enjoyable lunch yesterday to discuss our strategic custodial partnership with Charles Schwab.

Selecting and partnering with the right custodian is of paramount importance for a fully-independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm like Towerpoint Wealth. Serving as the backbone of TPW’s operations, and providing crucial support in managing and safeguarding our client’s assets, Charles Schwab has been an integral ally for us and all of our clients since we launched our firm more than six years ago.

Seeking to ensure that our clients continue to receive efficient trade execution, accurate record-keeping, and secure custody of their cash, securities, and other assets, it is essential that we are in continual communication with Schwab about a myriad of wealth management and client custody issues. And beyond the aforementioned operational aspects, Schwab also aligns very well with our firm values and objectives, and helps to enhance our credibility and reputation in the eyes of regulators like the SEC. Selecting Charles Schwab as our custodian has afforded us the opportunity to leverage their advanced technology, comprehensive reporting, and exemplary client service. This allows us to better streamline our administrative processes, and focus on delivering exceptional financial advice and counsel, all in the interests of helping our clients properly coordinate all of their financial affairs, and ultimately foster long-lasting client partnerships built on trust and transparency.

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TPW Spring Social Mixer 05.07.2023

A fun and prominent group of Sacramento-area financial advisors, professional fiduciaries, CPAs, EAs, mortgage brokers, wealth managers, bankers, and attorneys gathered for Towerpoint Wealth’s 1st annual TPW Spring Social Mixer.

The event, held at Revolution Winery + Kitchen, provided an opportunity for business networking, and engaged a spirit of cooperation and collaboration among attendees, who discussed, yes, banking, real estate, and financial services, but also hobbies, families, and of course, the pleasures of wine.

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Towerpoint Wealth Team Learn CPR and First Aid 02.10.2023

Recently the Towerpoint Wealth team headed to Folsom for our quarterly teambuilding day. 

We had the pleasure of learning CPR as well as the importance of knowing how to provide first aid in case of an emergency. Our half-day of training was provided by the Rescue Training Institute, and it was awesome!

We all left feeling much better prepared, and with a sense of security knowing we can now help and render first aid. Watch this short video recap of our day!

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Tax Relief for Californians Impacted by Winter Storms 1.20.2023

Californians impacted by this year’s winter storms are now eligible to claim a deduction for a disaster loss and will have more time to file their taxes. Resources include:

Call us (916-405-9140) or message us to discuss your circumstances and for further guidance.