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It Hurts, and It’s Temporary – A Video Message to Our TPW Family

The abrupt rise of the coronavirus crisis has profoundly reshaped life here in America.

Understanding the fear, concern, uncertainty, risk, and opportunity that are all currently intertwined, we highly encourage you to click the URL below for an important six minute message from our President, Joseph Eschleman.

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We sincerely value our relationships with each of you, and we are here for you as we navigate this difficult, but temporary, period of time together. Please call (916-405-9140) or email ( us with any questions, concerns, thoughts, or needs you may have at any time.

From our Towerpoint Wealth family to yours – be smart, stay safe, and be healthy. Thank you all.

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TPW Team Visits Smash Room!

The entire Towerpoint Wealth team participated in their most unique (and savage!) teambuilding event to date at Smash Sacramento, letting loose and having fun in smashing old computer hardware, glass bottles, ceramic plates, automobile windshields, and other small electronics for 30 minutes.

According to one psychologist, smashing things can help to manage stress and increase mental health!

The wealth management business is a rewarding but stressful one, and what better way for the TPW team to blow off some steam than by a dose of smash room “therapy” in using a crowbar, golf clubs, a baseball bat, and a paintball gun to break and destroy things together. After all, who doesn’t want to smash a printer with a sledgehammer??!!

And in continuing with our ESG and sustainability initiative, all of the post-event smashed items are recycled and/or placed into local E-Waste by Smash Sacramento…

Click HERE to watch a video of Joe smashing at Smash Sacramento!

Click HERE to watch a video of James smashing at Smash Sacramento!

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Renewable Energy / Responsible Investing Dinner at Grange

A successful client event is usually a product of good people, delicious food and drink, and high-quality content and information, and we were fortunate to have all three last night!

We were proud to bring together an amazing group of Towerpoint Wealth clients and friends to socialize, mingle, and learn, specifically about the important message that Blackrock’s Thomas Baker delivered during his presentation at Grange Restaurant & Bar on alternative investments and, in particular, renewable power.

Thomas did a brilliant job of presenting and breaking down this important and multi-faceted issue. One thing is for sure – just like sustainable investingrenewable power is no longer just a trend, but instead, a full-blown movement, and we were pleased to host an intimate forum to objectively discuss the unique advantages, disadvantages, and merits of investing in both solar and wind projects.

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Additionally, please note the follow up resources Thomas referenced last night:

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ESG Team Visits Towerpoint Wealth

Understanding the impact that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing continues to have, and the growth it continues to experience, we have cultivated both our expertise and our local market leadership in this hugely important field of investing and wealth management at Towerpoint Wealth.

Continuing our path as champions of ESG investing, our President, Joseph Eschleman, our Director of Tax and Financial Planning, Steve Pitchford, and our Partner, Wealth Advisor, Jonathan LaTurner all participated in a productive 45 minute meeting with two ESG experts – Bob Ellerback, Regional Director at Eaton Vance, and John Streur, CEO of Calvert Research and Management, a global leader in Responsible Investing. Shareholder advocacyimpact investing, and community investing were the three main areas of focus in our conversation.

At Towerpoint Wealth, we will continue to work to help our clients align their investments with their personal values through our ESG and Responsible Investing programs, affording them the ability to develop an investment portfolio that considers both financial return and positive change in environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

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TPW Enjoys Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates!

During a rare casual Friday, the TPW family took an opportunity to indulge their sweet tooth, enjoying a smorgasbord of decadent Ginger Elizabeth chocolate confections! Chocolate chip cookies, Ginger’s classic square bonbons, chocolate fudge brownies, a few vanilla mint bouchées, a Gianduja, a chocolate Pot de Crème, an Opera Cake, truffle cookies, and two French chocolate mendiants.

Ginger Elizabeth is truly a gem of Midtown Sacramento, the cultural hub of Sacramento, and is beloved for their precisely made and delicious desserts.

Now it is time to hit the gym!!

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Wealth + Health Client Appreciation Event

It was a hit!

We were fortunate to have 45 clients, colleagues, and friends join us for the Wealth + Health: The Ultimate Wellness Prescription event we hosted at The Vintage Monkey in Sacramento. We are proud to have brought together such an amazing group of people to not only socialize and mingle, but also to listen to and synthesize the important message that Dr. Bill Lloyd delivered during his presentation. Marrying the inseparable lifelong connection between financial and physical wellness, Dr. Lloyd discussed the key concepts of 1.) awareness, 2.)connection, 3.) resources, 4.) preparation, and 5.) trust, and their pertinence when navigating a more effective and comprehensive approach to growing older.

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Client education (and fraternization) will always be a central philosophy of the Towerpoint Wealth experience, as we relish opportunities to assemble fun and educational events that help to both enrich and educate our clients and friends on a myriad of different themes, subjects, and current issues.

Wealth Health Client Appreciation Event October, 2, 2019 - The Vintage Monkey
Wealth Health Client Appreciation Event October, 2, 2019 - The Vintage Monkey
Wealth Health Client Appreciation Event October, 2, 2019 - The Vintage Monkey
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Charles Schwab Amplifying Your Value Workshop

Our President, Joseph Eschleman, attended a full-day workshop today held at the Hyatt Regency in Newport Beach, CA, and learned ways to best communicate and articulate the value Towerpoint Wealth brings to our clients and preferred network partners. Charles Schwab’s Managing Director of Business Consulting, Jerry Cobb, led the workshop, and sitting alongside Joseph was Tom Glamuzina, Towerpoint Wealth’s relationship manager and Senior Vice President at Dynasty Financial Partners, and Meghan Holmes, Towerpoint Wealth’s Strategic Relationship Manager at Charles Schwab

Towerpoint Wealth continues to advance along our growth trajectory as we work towards solidifying our position as the premier wealth management firm in the greater Sacramento Valley area. Workshops like Amplifying Your Value help us to refocus (and in some cases, fully reset) how we are differentiating ourselves, how we are adding value to our clients lives, and how we are enhancing our overall suite of wealth management services and our client service objectives.

Charles Schwab Workshop Towerpoint Wealth Newport Beach California
Charles Schwab Workshop Towerpoint Wealth Newport Beach California
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First annual Towerpoint Wealth Retreat a Hit!

The Towerpoint Wealth family enjoyed bonding together at our first annual TPW Retreat on Friday and Saturday morning. We had breakfast at Awful Annie’s in Auburn together. We hiked the Donner Summit Abandoned Railroad train tunnels together. We convened at Steve Pitchford, CPA, CFP®‘s cabin to discuss the current and future state of affairs at Towerpoint Wealth together. We enjoyed dinner at Cottonwood Restaurant together, and breakfast together the next morning prepared by our own Jonathan LaTurner.

Operative word – together! It was truly a fun, productive, and memorable 24 hours, and we all look forward to the 2nd annual TPW Retreat ASAP!

Towerpoint Wealth Trailhead First Annual Retreat Sept Lori Q breakfast
Towerpoint Wealth Trailhead First Annual Retreat Sept John Q
Towerpoint Wealth Trailhead First Annual Retreat Lori John Q Donner Lake
Towerpoint Wealth Trailhead First Annual Retreat John Steve Railroad
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Teen “Financial Forum” held at Towerpoint Wealth

Towerpoint Wealth hosted a one hour “Financial Forum” for four teenage extended family members of current TPW clients Rich and Robin Martin, “holding court” in a round-table discussion about money, wealth building, risk, spending, and financial independence. A myriad of different topics were discussed, including:

1. The distinction between “making money” and “building wealth
2. A 10,000′ overview of what stocks and mutual funds are, as well as the importance of dividends and investment income
3. Why paying yourself first is essential; why a “pay yourself” rate of 10% is the bare minimum, and a rate of 20% is ideal
4. How to develop a solid financial foundation as a teenager heading into college, and the financial pitfalls and considerations that college students face

It was both a spirited and educational meeting in Towerpoint Wealth’s “anti-conference” room, as we sincerely enjoy spreading the “financial gospel” about these important financial issues to today’s youth, future investors, and capitalists.

Group Financial Forum Towerpoint Wealth Teenage Fun
Group Financial Forum Towerpoint Wealth Teenage Fun
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Towerpoint Wealth Hosts Ice Cream Social at Shriners Hospital

The Towerpoint Wealth family had a great time last week hosting an ice cream social for patients at the local Shriners Hospital for Children – Northern California.

Understanding the adversity they are facing, it felt great to put a smile on these kids’ faces with some fresh vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream from the one and only Gunther’s Ice Cream!