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Do you need to pay taxes on money given to you in a will? 03.20.2023

Towerpoint Wealth’s President, Joseph Eschleman, was the go-to financial expert on ABC10 News’ March 20 feature story.

A guest on ABC10’s Dollars and Sense segment, Joseph explained the four different taxes people need to be aware of when they inherit money through an estate, revocable trust, or will: estate taxes, gift taxes, inheritance taxes, and income taxes.

“Nine times out of 10, when you inherit money – be it from a friend, be it from a family member, doesn’t matter— the act of…inheriting it is not taxable to the beneficiary,” said Eschleman. 

There’s more, of course, to the story. Click on the video below to watch Joseph in the ABC10 video, or reach out to us here at Towerpoint Wealth to discuss any questions you have related to your estate planning, estate taxes, or income taxes. 

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Investing 2022: Painful or Profitable? 12.19.2022

Kathleen Doler, senior writer for Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), recently published a front-page story in IBD about investing in 2022, how it humbled many investors and financial advisors, and what they did to protect their portfolios and their mental health this year.

Doler leaned on our President, Joseph Eschleman, for a number of insights about how Towerpoint Wealth helped clients avoid being overreactive this year, and also about the importance of systematic rebalancing.

Click here to read Doler’s full IBD article, and see what else Joseph had to say!

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President Joseph Eschleman Discusses the 2022 Midterm Elections on ABC10 11.8.2022

Connecting with ABC10 evening anchor Lora Painter for a productive interview ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, Joseph weighed in last night with some key points and considerations, specifically touching upon exactly how much impact elections can have on your finances. Joe and Lora’s  discussion points included:

  • How major elections can be very emotional for voters, and how emotions can drive people to make poor investment decisions.
  • Why it is probably a mistake to let the result of the 2022 midterm elections dictate your longer-term investment decisions.
  • Why it is normal to be emotional – as human beings, we’re wired this way!
  • History suggests that the overall stock market does not have a preferred political party, and has tended to do well over time regardless of the party in power.
  • It is essential to have a well-thought-out financial, investment, and retirement plan, and to be disciplined in following it, independent of whether the Democrats or the Republicans take control of the House and the Senate.
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Towerpoint Wealth’s President featured on ABC10  10.13.2022

Our President, Joseph Eschleman, CIMA®, was featured last night in evening anchor Lora Painter’s story on ABC10’s 11 p.m. news!

Joe discussed with Lora the *big* announcement made yesterday by the Social Security Administration, highlighting the +8.7% cost of living (COLA) increase set to occur in January of 2023, specifically:

✅ Why this is exceptionally good news for older Americans and Social Security beneficiaries!

✅ What does this huge 8.7% COLA increase mean?

✅ What should be done with this extra cash flow?

✅ A few unexpected underlying risks and tax consequences to this income boost.

To learn more about Social Security increase benefits, please click here: Why Social Security’s big boost to increase benefits has some downsides |

  • Thinking about, or already eligible for, Social Security benefits? Not sure how, or when, to take them? What about the correct time to elect your spousal benefit?
  • There certainly is no “one-size-fits-all” strategy when considering how to optimize your Social Security election plan.
  • We’ve helped many clients intelligently navigate through this complicated decision-tree – message us with your questions, or to begin a dialogue about your circumstances – we welcome beginning to get to know you.
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Where to stash your cash 07.21.2022

Holding and intelligently divesting cash during a market rough patch has both pros and cons — evaluating these risk/return tradeoffs are even more challenging with rampant inflation just another issue to consider. With confidence low and inflation high, Joseph Eschleman, the President of Towerpoint Wealth shares his perspective on where to stash your cash in this Investors Business Daily article by Kathleen Doler.

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Towerpoint Wealth’s President Featured in the Sacramento Bee 06.29.2022

Our President, Joseph Eschleman, CIMA®, dove into a number of specific opportunities and valuable money-saving tips to navigate today’s inflationary environment with Sacramento Bee reporter Hanh Truong, in her recent article: “Should You Keep Cash On Hand as Inflation Rises? California Adviser Gives Money-Saving Tips.”

As inflation continues to be a challenge for virtually all in the Sacramento area, many residents harbor significant concerns that today’s prices on the rise will persist for some time.

Click the button below to read Truong’s article, as Eschleman contributes specific strategies for possible relief and protection from this rampant inflation.

The flagship newspaper of the McClatchy Company, The Sacramento Bee is a daily paper published in Sacramento, California, and is the 5th largest newspaper in the state.

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Towerpoint Wealth’s President featured in Investor’s Business Daily 06.24.2022

In an unsettled world where stock prices are declining and uncertainty is rising, many fear an economy in recession here in the United States.

While recession is by no means a forgone conclusion, are there strategies to help you recession-proof your portfolio?

Our President, Joseph Eschleman, was recently featured in an Investor’s Business Daily article penned by Kathleen DolerRecession Rules: Do’s And Don’ts.

In Doler’s article, Eschleman opined on a myriad of specific strategies and ideas to consider in order to be better prepared for an economy in recession –

Investor’s Business Daily is an American newspaper and website covering the stock market, international business, finance, and economics.

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Leading by Example with Joe Eschleman – LifeBlood Podcast 04.18.2022

Described as “a human wellbeing and flourishing podcast,” LifeBlood is released daily and features a myriad of different professionals and subject matter experts. Produced and hosted from Scottsdale, AZ by George Grombacher, our President, Joseph Eschleman, was a featured Lifeblood guest just earlier this week.

Click to hear what Joe had to say about leading by example, about focusing on process and on the things you can control, and along with Tim Cook, Oprah, and Michelle Obama, about his membership in the 4AM club!

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President Joseph Eschleman Featured in Financial Advisor IQ Magazine 02.25.2022

Our President, Joseph F. Eschleman, CIMA®, was recently profiled in Financial Advisor IQ’s February 25 article discussing what clients need to know about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the impact these developments may have on investments, and how clients can respond.

Click here to read what he had to say!

How to Optimize Selecting Your Wealth or Financial Advisor? How a Financial Advisor Helps You Protect and Grow Net Worth | Download white paper.

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Joseph Eschleman, CIMA®Heart 2 Biz Podcast 09.23.2021

Our President, Joseph Eschleman, CIMA®, was the featured guest on Laurel Sagen and Shasta Escalante’s Heart 2 Biz podcast earlier this month.

Heart 2 Biz is a weekly podcast focused on local Sacramento professionals and entrepreneurs who “pour their hearts into their businesses.” Focused on finding out not only how people are building and running their businesses, but how they are doing so with integrity and heart.

Click below to watch the 26 minute podcast and to discuss his crazy journey – not only how the permanent Pennsylvania-to-California cross-country adventure he took in 1999 helped to shape his heart and shape him as a person, but also how his evolution from employee to business owner and entrepreneur has shaped his character and overall outlook on life. It’s a great (and crazy!) story with plenty of interesting twists and turns, confirming what virtually every Towerpoint Wealth client already knows to be true – that the energy Joseph pours into his client partnerships and into Towerpoint Wealth has a foundation based on both integrity and on heart!

How do you choose a wealth management firm from the wide field of wealth management companies and independent wealth advisors? Is integrity important to you?

Is keeping your business Sacramento local important to you? Watch this podcast interview with independent financial planner and Sacramento small business owner Towerpoint Wealth President Joseph Eschleman, CIMA® as he appeared on Laurel Sagen and Shasta Escalante’s Heart 2 Biz podcast on 09.23.2021.

Heart 2 Biz is a weekly podcast focused on local Sacramento professionals and entrepreneurs who “pour their hearts into their businesses.” Their interviews with small business owners are focused on finding out not only how people are building and running their businesses, but how they are doing so with integrity and heart.

You can find other episodes of the Heart2Biz podcast interviewing Sacramento professionals on YouTube, at Heart 2 Biz Chan

If you like what you see here, learn more about Joseph and his team at his website Leave a comment below, and make sure to subscribe to the Towerpoint Wealth channel and click the bell to see our timely videos about taxes, the market, and more personal finance concerns.

🕐 0:01 – Interview with small business owner
🕐 1:40 – Who is Joseph Eschleman, CIMA/Towerpoint Wealth | Independent wealth advisors
🕐 3:12 – What is a fiduciary?
🕐 3:39 – What is an RIA?
🕐 3:40 – What is the advantage of working with independent wealth advisors?
🕐 3:55 – Is an employee of Wells Fargo wealth investment management (and other major Wall Street firms) legally required to act 100% in their clients’ best interests?
🕐 5:00 – How is Joseph’s life as a Sacramento professional different now that he is an entrepreneur no longer working for Wall Street wealth management companies?
🕐 5:58 – What does Laurel Sagen love about being a small business owner?
🕐 9:27 – How does a leader take their values and mission and transfer that to the people who work with them?
🕐 10:20 – What tools can an entrepreneur use to improve client communications?
🕐 12:35 – Why is Outlook’s “delayed delivery” Joseph’s secret weapon for assuring tasks get done?
🕐 14:00 – How is Towerpoint Wealth different from other financial and wealth management firms?
🕐 14:45 – What does Towerpoint Wealth do for their clients?
🕐 14:58 – What’s the sexy part of being a financial advisor?
🕐 15:30 – Is coordinating estate planning, taxes, long term healthcare, and banking part of wealth management?
🕐 16:00 What is TPW’s “Golden Rolodex”?
🕐 17:15 – How important is communication?
🕐 17:45 – Is good financial and portfolio management more of an art or a science?
🕐 22:00 – How does Joseph, a Sacramento business owner, balance his work and home life?

Independent wealth advisors have advantages over other wealth management companies. Financial advisors who work for Wall Street wealth management firms have less freedom to utilize preferred tools available to an independent financial planner. Don’t you want your wealth investment management handled by a financial advisor who is legally obligated to act 100% in your best interests?