Group Financial Forum Towerpoint Wealth Teenage Learning
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Teen “Financial Forum” held at Towerpoint Wealth

Towerpoint Wealth hosted a one hour “Financial Forum” for four teenage extended family members of current TPW clients Rich and Robin Martin, “holding court” in a round-table discussion about money, wealth building, risk, spending, and financial independence. A myriad of different topics were discussed, including:

1. The distinction between “making money” and “building wealth
2. A 10,000′ overview of what stocks and mutual funds are, as well as the importance of dividends and investment income
3. Why paying yourself first is essential; why a “pay yourself” rate of 10% is the bare minimum, and a rate of 20% is ideal
4. How to develop a solid financial foundation as a teenager heading into college, and the financial pitfalls and considerations that college students face

It was both a spirited and educational meeting in Towerpoint Wealth’s “anti-conference” room, as we sincerely enjoy spreading the “financial gospel” about these important financial issues to today’s youth, future investors, and capitalists.

Group Financial Forum Towerpoint Wealth Teenage Fun
Group Financial Forum Towerpoint Wealth Teenage Fun