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3. Payday


As is true with all of our schedules, life can and will get in the way of our jobs regularly enough, and it is rare (but not completely unprecedented) for Henry and Josephine to have a perfect week, but that is always the goal. And, to help them equate working harder with getting paid more, the scoring system (or compensation agreement, depending on how you look at it) works as follows:

  • Each star (job) is worth in cents your age. Josephine is ten, so she gets $0.10 per star (job completed). “Tenure” in the Eschleman household is rewarded, and the jobs also get more difficult and time-consuming as you get older.
  • If you accumulate a minimum of 27 stars in any one particular week, you earn a $0.50 bonus. This 27 star threshold is completely arbitrary.
  • If you have a perfect week, you receive a $5.00 bonus!

For example, last week Henry completed 35 jobs (a darn good week), and earned $2.95 (35 x $0.07, plus $0.50 bonus for 27 star benchmark). Payday is on Monday mornings.

We try to vary and switch-up the jobs every so often to keep things fresh, and we entertain Henry and Josephine’s input on the jobs as well.

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