American River Parkway Foundation - Community Day
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Community Volunteer Day 07.19.2022

The entire Towerpoint Wealth Team came out on Community Volunteer Day to lend a hand to the American River Parkway Foundation program to clean up trash along Sacramento’s urban gem.

Spanning 23 miles and covering 4,800 acres, the Parkway is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts and those looking to refresh themselves.

In 2021, more than 200 fires burned over 15% of the parkway. The Parkway in Peril program created by the Foundation aims to mitigate fire risk by cleaning up trash. Volunteers play an essential role in conservation of the parkway.

Guided by Alex Watson, the TPW team hauled out ~ 1,400 lbs. of old bicycles, couches, and what felt like a ton of plastic waste in sweltering temperatures.

Click below to watch an inspiring video where you can see the TPW Team all hard at work helping preserve this Sacramento treasure!