Dollar-cost Averaging
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Dollar-cost Averaging 03.05.2021

We hear people say it all the time. “I’m just waiting for the stock market to pull back, and then I’ll invest more” or “I’m going to build my cash for awhile and then invest it,” or “Things are too uncertain, or scary, or unpredictable right now – I am going to wait to invest for the time being.” Perhaps you have heard friends or colleagues say these things. Perhaps you have said them yourself?

When I hear people say things like this, I immediately think of the possible opportunities that person may miss out on by not taking more immediate and decisive action. This kind of investor behavior, while common among inexperienced or fearful investors, or among those who are not following a disciplined plan, can be problematic, but fortunately, easily improved upon by implementing a dollar-cost averaging strategy.

Watch this video, Dollar-cost Averaging, from our Sacramento Wealth Advisor and CPA to learn how the use of dollar-cost averaging helps overcome emotional investing and is one of the best ways to grow and protect your portfolio over time.