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Megan Keeping Her Professional Saw Sharp! 1.11.2023

Our new Associate Wealth Advisor, Megan Miller, EA, has not wasted any time diving into coordinating the myriad of professional responsibilities that goes with the territory, most recently attending First Trust’s Economic and Market Update presentation. Hosted by Andrew Opdyke , CFA, Senior Economist, Robert Carey, CFA, Chief Market Strategist, and Bob DeRochie, Senior Vice President and Fixed-Income Specialist, the presentation covered such issues as:

  • Expectations for inflation and interest rates as we enter into 2023.
  • Will the US economy slip into a recession this year, or will the extremely tight labor market cause growth to pick up?
  • After a 2022 “double-whammy” in both the equity and fixed income markets, how reasonable is it to expect a bounce-back in 2023?
  • How the addition of alternative investments into a properly-diversified portfolio can help to enhance returns and manage risk.

We are glad (but by no means surprised) to see Megan quickly assimilating into the TPW culture and into her role as Associate Wealth Advisor, and we look forward to introducing her to the TPW family of clients this year!