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State Street’s Noel Archard visits TPW

Mutual fund trends: We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend 45 minutes meeting with Noel Archard, State Street’s Global Head of Product. Noel has 25+ years of wealth management industry experience (and he is a Philadelphia guy!), bringing a specific expertise in exchange traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund structure, operations, and mechanics. Discussion topics included:

  • An overview of ETF & mutual fund trends across both retail and institutional investors.
  • State Street’s current thinking of SPDR ETFs – what will the future of product look like?
  • An overview of State Street’s existing SPDR ETF lineup & the logic behind their active ETF partnerships (DoubleLine, MFS, GSO, etc.).
  • An in-depth explanation of overall ETF structure/mechanics, and the process for bringing new ETFs to market.