TPW Investment Committee Nathan Billigmeier
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The Continued Due Diligence of the Towerpoint Wealth Investment Committee 09.27.2022

Our Director of Research and Analytics and TPW Investment Committee member, Nathan Billigmeier, spent an productive hour-long meeting yesterday with Lance Oman, CFA and Chris Murphy, CIMA® of T. Rowe Price, discussing specific ideas and strategies to help Towerpoint Wealth help our clients:

1. Lessen the impact of rampant inflation and rising interest rates on our model client investment portfolios.
2. Reduce the income tax drag on our model portfolios.
3. Minimize expenses and costs of our portfolios.

We are fortunate to have such supportive and genuinely interested business partners here at Towerpoint Wealth, and will continue to be disciplined and diligent in doing everything we have control over to help our clients build wealth and protect wealth, regardless of the external political, market, and economic environment.