Holding Cash is No Longer Trash!
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Holding Cash is No Longer Trash! 10.10.2022

“Everybody’s doing something. We’ll do nothing!”

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– George Costanza, “The Pitch”, Seinfeld, Season 4, Episode 3

George Costanza, “The Pitch”,

Holding cash in your investment portfolio, aka not investing it, is akin to “doing nothing.” Historical arguments against holding cash in an investment portfolio cite that it is boring and unproductive to do so, and an extremely defensive position to take.

However, considering the afflictions facing today’s financial markets, could holding cash be just what the doctor ordered?

Depending on your unique financial plan and investment strategy — and the current and expected state of the economy and financial markets — doing nothing could be a sound strategy or a foolish one that, in the long term, will be detrimental to the health of your nest egg.

It was only a little more than three years ago when we wrote about the possibility of banks paying negative interest rates on savings and money market accounts. Today, the economic and market environment is certainly quite different:

banks paying negative interest rates on savings

Arguments have historically been made that holding cash in an investment portfolio is boring, unproductive, and extremely defensive.

holding cash in an investment portfolio

At Towerpoint Wealth, we have always believed that having a small allocation to cash – and cash’s cousin, cash alternatives – within a properly diversified portfolio is appropriate, for three main reasons:

  1. Holding cash provides stability and insulation to a portfolio during times of market weakness.
  2. Maintaining a small allocation to cash protects an investor against having to sell other investments at an inopportune time if an unexpected withdrawal need arises.
  3. Cash acts as “dry powder” during a time of market weakness, giving investors the ability to buy low when prices are temporarily low, without having to sell other securities in their portfolio.
Warren Buffet Quote Cash Priceless Holding Cash

And now that interest rates have quickly moved up in 2022, and are expected to increase even further before the year is out, holding cash balances that are relatively larger is not as unproductive as it was even a few years ago.

Do you currently have cash in a checking account, savings account, money market account, or as part of your investment portfolio? Is it too much? Not enough? Is it working as productively as it can be for you?

Let’s talk – message us to schedule a no-strings-attached initial conversation.

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Or do you say you are, but sometimes tempted to behave more like a trader or a gambler, and fail to apply long term investment strategies to your portfolio?

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1. For Pelosi and McCarthy, A Toxic Relationship Worsens As Elections Approach
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The hostility between the speaker and the man in line to succeed her should Republicans win control of the House has only intensified as the decisive moment nears.
For Pelosi and McCarthy, A Toxic Relationship
2. Keep It or Toss It? ‘Best Before’ Labels Cause Confusion
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Best Before’ Labels Cause Confusion
3. US National Debt Tops $31 Trillion For First Time
The Miami Herald – October 5, 2022
America’s total national debt surpassed $31 trillion for the first time on October 3, according to newly released Treasury Department data. Though the debt had been growing steadily in recent years, the rate of growth increased substantially throughout the pandemic.
US National Debt Tops $31 Trillion

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Have we reached peak inflation?

The stock market has historically rallied after inflation peaks (as measured by the CPI).

Since 1927, the average return for the S&P 500 in the 12 months following a peak in CPI was +11.5%.

Was June’s CPI figure of +9.1% the peak inflation rate for this current inflationary cycle? Let’s hope so.

Concerned about the upcoming midterm elections? At Towerpoint Wealth, we can help you – let’s talk about it!

peak inflation and stock market

shelby collum davis quote

If you speak with someone who is concerned or unsettled about their investments or advisor, we welcome talking with them.

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