2022 Schwab IMPACT conference
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TPW Representing at the 2022 Schwab IMPACT Conference! 11.04.2022

After two years of having to host the conference virtually, the 2022 Schwab IMPACT conference, aka the “World Series of Investment Conferences,“ is in full effect in Denver, CO!

Among the more than 5,000 invite-only attendees are our Director of Research and Analytics, Nathan Billigmeier, our Director of Tax and Financial Planning, Steve Pitchford, and our Partner, Wealth Advisor, Jonathan LaTurner (pictured above with Ric Edelman, founder of the Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals and author of The Truth About Crypto).

From live keynote presentations from some of the biggest names in business, finance, wealth management, and politics, to intimate and interactive breakout sessions throughout the three-day event, the conference is truly a one-of-a-kind and fully-immersive experience. Here are three examples of the curriculum and topics that Nathan, Steve, and Jon have access to:

  • Housing Market Update: What You Need to Know to Advise Your Clients

Delve into today’s most important housing market trends and learn how to best advise clients who are investing in real estate.

Are you on top of current housing market trends that might affect your clients’ portfolios and their investing goals? Douglas Duncan will provide an overview of what’s happening in this market and share insights into topics such as current supply and demand, the future of mortgage interest rates, and upcoming regulations that may have an impact on consumers interested in purchasing real estate. Discover:

How to provide insights to clients asking about the right time to purchase real estate

Whether it’s appropriate to recommend that clients borrow money based on future interest rates

– How to advise clients on the most effective way to leverage credit for real estate transactions

  • A Macroeconomic Update with Jeffrey Gundlach

Gain insight from a renowned thinker about where global markets are headed and how you can discover opportunities and generate income.

Amid a shifting global economic landscape, just about anything—from a disappointing earnings report to the opaque comments of a central banker—can send tremors through the market, presenting a major challenge for investors seeking to maintain stable portfolios. In a moderated discussion, Jeffrey Gundlach will share his unconventional ideas about the state of global markets and central bank policy in a session and Q&A that will offer:

New ideas for investing in today’s market environment and opportunities to generate income

A deeper understanding about which sectors to avoid

A prediction about where interest rates may be headed this year

  • Killing Complexity: Why Simple Wins

Unproductive meetings, endless emails, and reports-for-the-sake of reporting aren’t part of the definition of meaningful work – they’re the result of complexity.  FutureThink CEO and Ted Talk veteran Lisa Bodell shows you how to foster a workplace where there’s time and space to innovate, allowing you to become your own chief simplification officer.  She’ll share the techniques the nimblest companies use to save time, eradicate rules, and boost productivity on the work that matters.  By eliminating complexity, you’ll increase customer trust, boost staff retention, and innovate more quickly.

The full IMPACT session catalog delineates just how robust, comprehensive, and in-depth IMPACT is, and we look forward to having Nathan, Steve, and Jon bring back a myriad of new ideas to help us better serve and counsel our clients, and to help Towerpoint Wealth operate in a more intelligent and streamlined fashion.