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Are You Old Enough To Remember When…?

An entertaining hashtag on Twitter, #ImOldEnoughToRememberWhen, has been trending recently. Are you old enough to remember when this was the price of food at McDonalds?

We also couldn’t resist including this one:

Yesterday, the U.S. Federal Reserve, led by Chair Jerome Powell, cut short-term interest rates by 1/4 percent, the first interest rate cut by the Fed since 2008. This came as a surprise to virtually no one, as Powell had been strongly signaling for months that the Fed was planning on doing so.

What we find interesting is not the rate cut itself, but the motivation behind it and the potential consequences of the Fed arguably deviating from its legal mandate. With the passage of the Federal Reserve Reform Act of 1977, the Fed was formally assigned a specific directive, commonly known as the “dual mandate,” to pursue the following goals:

If you would like a quick laugh, click HERE to watch a short video of Steve getting embarrassed while being serenaded by his TPW family for his birthday!

In addition to rate cuts and pizza parties, a number of trending and notable events have occurred over the past two weeks:

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