FIRE investing is an acronym for Financial Independence Retire Early
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FIRE Investing for Financial Independence! 08.21.2023

Empower yourself with this strategy for financial independence, early retirement, and peace of mind.

More than a hot trend, FIRE investing principles have been guiding wealthy, independent people towards financial independence and early retirement for many decades. Implementing the Financial Independence Retire Early strategy takes discipline and commitment.

In this video, Towerpoint Wealth’s President, Joseph Eschleman, lays out the basics of this financial strategy. Click on the video image below to watch the video.

Consider: are you optimizing your lifestyle? Are you saving aggressively? Are you investing strategically? Will you be able to maintain a sustainable withdrawal rate post-retirement? These are essential pieces of the financial independence early retirement (FIRE) financial strategy.

Developing a customized financial and wealth management plan and strategy now will help you advance towards your personal and financial goals, grow net worth, and ultimately help you retire on your schedule. Time is money. Partnering with an advisor that understands you means you may spend less time worrying about this aspect of your life.

Are you curious about whether a FIRE investment strategy could work for you? Towerpoint Wealth serves clients primarily in the Northern California region with an annual household income exceeding $250,000. Please contact us with any questions you have about our wealth management process.