The Necessary Evils of Investing: Taxes and Expenses
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The Necessary Evils of Investing: Taxes and Expenses  03.18.2023

Are income taxes dragging you and your portfolio down, and at the same time reducing your real overall return? 

Do you know how much you are paying in fees and investment expenses?  

As an investor, what exactly are you supposed to do to reduce and manage expenses and income taxes? They are unavoidable, and will always be part of your net worth building journey.  

However, there is definitely good news – both of these necessary evils of investing are controllable, they are minimizable, and there are strategies to help you reduce them.  

In this video Joseph Eschleman, President of Towerpoint Wealth, a boutique Sacramento Wealth Management firm, explains nine specific ways to keep expenses and income taxes in check, including: 

  • Five strategies to minimize the impact of income taxes on your portfolio  
  • Four strategies to keep more of your money working for you