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Surviving the Great Indoors!

We hope this edition of Trending Today finds you safe and healthy during this universally disrupted and challenging time. However, it is always important to maintain levity and find humor within these temporary circumstances: 

At Towerpoint Wealth, we have been relentless in communicating with and directly helping clients and colleagues navigate the myriad of financial considerations, risks, and opportunities during these extremely uncertain times, and remain steadfast in helping you reach the goal of achieving complete economic peace of mind. For some specific perspectives on what is happening in the world of finance and the markets, we have included two excellent resources at the bottom of this email. Additionally, our President, Joseph Eschleman, was recently featured in a coronavirus-focused profile on AdvisorHub – click HERE to read the article and see what he had to say.

However, we would also like to try to give you a little personal peace of mind. The jokes about toilet paper are wearing thin, we are frustrated we still cannot sit in our favorite restaurants, breweries, and wineries, and saddened that our trips have been cancelled and our health clubs closed. While all signs point to quarantine being the right thing to do, it is also important to recognize how difficult, challenging, tiresome, and exasperating this all is.

Queen Elizabeth II, whose son and Prime Minister both have the virus, said: “Though self-isolating may at times be hard, many people of all faiths, and of none, are discovering that it presents an opportunity to slow down, pause, and reflect.”

So in lieu of serving up a heavy dose of COVID-19 and economic commentary, we felt taking a different approach to this edition of Trending Today would be useful and fun. Below you will find a vast array of resources meant to help ease some of your physical and emotional discomforts, and perhaps help you to still enjoy that favorite meal, workout, museum, or concert!

What have we left off? Please email us at with your own ideas, resources, etc. – we would love to hear from you, and crowdsource v2.0 of this list!


Food Delivery Services

Farmer’s markets – They’re open!


Music / Podcasts

Mother Nature

Mental Health & Brain Games 


Family Support


Online Museum & Zoo Tours




To paraphrase The Queen: It is important to take comfort that, though we have more to endure, better days are set to return. We will be with our full families again. We will be with our friends and colleagues again. And we will be together again. As always, we sincerely value our relationships and partnerships with each of you, as well as your trust and confidence in us here at Towerpoint Wealth. We encourage you to reach out to us any time (916-405-9140, with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have. The world continues to be an extremely complicated place, and we are here for you.

Nathan, Raquel, Steve, Joseph, Lori, and Jonathan