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‘The New Metrics of Tesla’s Electrics’

An “affordable” electric car has officially hit the U.S. mainstream, as Tesla launched the long-awaited standard Model 3 just yesterday, with a starting cost of $35,000.

Whether this represents the “acceleration of the transition to sustainable transportation” or another unprofitable nail in the electric car maker’s eventual coffin remains to be seen (TSLA stock slid -7.8% today upon release of this news). However, we are quite confident in Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s continued penchant for thinking big, jettisoning the status quo, and continuing to surprise the marketplace with his vision, ambition, and execution. Regardless if the ending is happy or sad, the TSLA story will continue to be a very exciting one!

Speaking of thinking big, the NASDAQ enjoyed its tenth straight positive week this week. The last time that happened was nearly two decades ago, in 1999!

Electric cars and technology stocks have not been the only newsworthy stories over the past two weeks, as a plethora of notable events have occurred: Locally at Towerpoint Wealth, we enjoyed letting our hair down and celebrating our sincere appreciation of each of our clients and friends, hosting our BIG second annual client appreciation event at The Bank in downtown Sacramento. We had 130+ “family members” enjoy wonderful food catered by Mama Kim’s, wonderful music by Vince and Fred (a.k.a. Two On a String), craft cocktails by The Bank’s fabulous bartenders, and a fun photo booth from Perfect Pixel!

We fully recognize we would not exist without our clients, and that a strong and confident clientele is the lifeblood of Towerpoint Wealth. And we are already planning for our next outsized appreciation/thank you party in 2020…!
Click HERE to see all of the photos of the event!

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