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TPW Team Visits Smash Room!

The entire Towerpoint Wealth team participated in their most unique (and savage!) teambuilding event to date at Smash Sacramento, letting loose and having fun in smashing old computer hardware, glass bottles, ceramic plates, automobile windshields, and other small electronics for 30 minutes.

According to one psychologist, smashing things can help to manage stress and increase mental health!

The wealth management business is a rewarding but stressful one, and what better way for the TPW team to blow off some steam than by a dose of smash room “therapy” in using a crowbar, golf clubs, a baseball bat, and a paintball gun to break and destroy things together. After all, who doesn’t want to smash a printer with a sledgehammer??!!

And in continuing with our ESG and sustainability initiative, all of the post-event smashed items are recycled and/or placed into local E-Waste by Smash Sacramento…

Click HERE to watch a video of Joe smashing at Smash Sacramento!

Click HERE to watch a video of James smashing at Smash Sacramento!