Towerpoint Wealth Unlock Your Concentrated Stock
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Unlock Your Concentrated Stock

A number of clients earlier this month asked “Where was Trending Today?” We did not release our bi-weekly eNewsletter due to the time commitment associated with our attendance at Charles Schwab’s big IMPACT conference, but are pleased to be back in the saddle with the following important and useful items:

New Concentrated Stock White Paper Published by TPW

Our Director of Tax and Financial Planning, Steve Pitchford, recently completed a white paper for our clients and colleagues, assembling a thorough and comprehensive analysis detailing five effective strategies to help manage the inherent risks and tax consequences associated with owning a concentrated stock position.

If you have accrued a concentrated stock holding (which we define as any investment that represents more than 10% of your overall portfolio), this is a must-read.

Click HERE, or on the first story tile below, to open and review the report.

Eschleman, LaTurner Attend 29th Annual Schwab IMPACT 2019 Conference

It was truly an amazing four days at the 29th annual SchwabIMPACT conference for our President, Joseph Eschleman, and Partner, Wealth Advisor, Jonathan LaTurner.

Joseph and Jon were working to keep their professional saws sharp while soaking in practice management, investing, economic, market, and digital themes at the IMPACT conference. While there, they also enjoyed the company of many innovative and brilliant people (Charles SchwabTim McGrawNicholas BurnsJohn Meacham, and Liz Ann Sonders, to name just a few) and organizations. They even met living legend Keith Hernandez, arguably the best defensive first baseman in MLB history!

The obvious goal of Joseph and Jon’s attendance at IMPACT was continued professional growth and improvement as financial advisors, with the singular focus of helping each client of Towerpoint Wealth efficiently grow and protect their wealth, in the interests of gaining complete financial peace of mind, and, put more simply, to be happy.

Curious about the speakers, information, and content Jon and Joe were immersed in while at IMPACT? Click HERE to see a full agenda for the conference.

Charles Schwab Set to Acquire TD Ameritrade

There is BIG news in the wealth management industry, with potentially BIG benefits for Towerpoint Wealth clients!

As we have trumpeted in the past, we could not be more pleased to be partnered with Charles Schwab as our firm’s primary custodian, and on Thursday, they announced their intent to enact a $26 billion acquisition of TD Ameritrade.

If the deal is approved, it could lead to improved technology and even LOWER fees and investment expenses for our clients. If finalized, it would also cement Schwab’s position as the largest RIA custodian in the industry (by far), holding more than $5 trillion in total assets, with more than half of the assets managed by registered investment advisors like Towerpoint Wealth.

Undoubtedly, it would be a transformative shift in the wealth management landscape. Stay tuned, as we will assuredly be letting clients know about developments as they occur.

TPW CYBERSECURITY UPGRADE – Multi-Factor Authentication Added to Black Diamond

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security enhancement that requires a user to present two pieces of evidence (your credentials) when logging into an account.

We have added MFA into the user experience for the Black Diamond (BD) all-in-one “personal financial dashboard” utilized by Towerpoint Wealth private clients. As most of you are aware, BD allows you to be able to monitor all of your accounts, assets, and liabilities within one singular headache-free platform and online portal, and incorporating MFA into the login process provides clients an important cybersecurity safeguard and additional layer of online protection.

Ever Wondered if You Should Buy or Lease a Car?

Credit to Napkin Finance. Click HERE for buy or lease details.

Trending Today

In addition to corporate acquisitions and mega-conferences, a number of trending and notable events occurred over the past two weeks:

As always, we encourage you to reach out to us ( with any questions, concerns, or needs you may have. The world continues to be an extremely complicated place. We are here for you, and look forward to connecting with, helping, and being a direct, fully independent, and objective expert financial resource for you.

– Joseph, Jonathan, and the entire Towerpoint Wealth team