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Crypto in 2024 – Blank Check or Trainwreck? 12.22.2023

“Is investing in cryptocurrency good?” will be a question that many investors ask themselves as we head into 2024.

Understanding the importance of not getting too excited – nor too worried – about the inevitable year-to-year price movements that occur throughout virtually all major investment and asset classes, 2022 was a trainwreck for crypto! Ethereum (ETH) dropped 66%, and Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s largest cryptocurrency, declined 65%.

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However, for as much of a trainwreck 2022 was, crypto investors have seemingly had a veritable blank check throughout most of 2023, as BTC has increased from $16,602 to $44,000 (+165%), and ETH has increased from $1,202 to $2,275 (+90%), both as of 12.21.2023!

Is investing in cryptocurrency good? Do you believe that 2024 will be another action-packed year for crypto and digital assets? If so, will it be action-packed in a good or bad way? And is there any logic in even attempting to make a crypto price prediction?

At Towerpoint Wealth, we are humble about our ability to accurately predict the future, and graciously but firmly refrain from staring into our translucent (at best) crystal ball and prophesize about the price of BTC and ETH at the end of 2024. However, while we believe that making a crypto price prediction is sketchy at best, we do believe, for those with the “intestinal fortitude” to tolerate large price swings and continued near-term uncertainty, that the odds of a blank check are higher than the odds of a trainwreck when considering a longer-term investment in digital assets, and that now may be an opportune time to be invested in and own digital assets and crypto as part of a properly-diversified investment portfolio. Why? Below are four specific reasons.

The pending approval of a new crypto ETF

Is this the biggest development to happen on Wall Street in the last 30 years?

Bitcoin logo to journalists

Blackrock, the world’s largest asset manager, believes the answer to the question “Is investing in cryptocurrency good?” is “Yes!”

The investment company expects the SEC to approve its application to launch a new bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) on or around January 10, 2024, with trading to begin six to eight weeks later. The launch of a BTC ETF has been in the works for more than ten years, and is expected to “open the crypto door” to mainstream investors. This new bitcoin ETF is expected to bring a whole new group of crypto investors into the fold, should help to increase overall flows into and demand for digital assets, and underpin a wave of institutional interest in the crypto market.

The Bitcoin halving event

Scheduled for April, 2024, the Bitcoin halving is a significant event in the cryptocurrency ecosystem that occurs roughly every four years. During this process, the economic reward that Bitcoin miners receive is cut in half. This deliberate reduction is embedded in the Bitcoin network, and designed to control the issuance of new bitcoins and enforce a maximum cap of 21 million bitcoins, ensuring scarcity.

The economic principle of reduced supply, coupled with sustained demand, often leads to increased value for Bitcoin, making “halving” a closely watched and influential aspect of the cryptocurrency’s monetary policy.

A more “dovish” Federal Reserve and looser economic conditions

Analogous to Chicago’s NFL franchise right now, the “bears” (those who are pessimistic about the state of the economy and stock market) are currently on their heels. Inflation has moderated and is generally tamer, and the stock market has experienced a large advance since late October. Many investors feel that the litany of interest rate increases we experienced in 2023 are now behind us, and that the Fed may actually consider cutting rates in 2024.

Lower interest rates, a more stable economy, and “accommodative” monetary policy from the Fed can diminish the appeal of traditional currencies, prompting investors to explore digital assets with perceived scarcity, like Bitcoin. In such conditions, cryptocurrencies can emerge as a store of value and an attractive diversification strategy, gaining favor among those looking for alternatives in times of  “economic looseness.”

US and global banks will embrace tokenized payments

Tokenization of payments is a security method substituting sensitive payment details, like credit card numbers, with a distinct and random character set known as a “token.” This practice enhances the security of payment data in transactions, as the original card information is neither utilized nor retained.

Tokenization is poised to drive increased demand for cryptocurrency by enhancing the security and efficiency of transactions. As traditional financial systems adopt tokenization for various assets, the appeal of cryptocurrencies as inherently tokenized forms of value becomes more evident. The trust and security associated with tokenized transactions may attract individuals and institutions seeking alternatives to traditional financial instruments. Furthermore, the seamless integration of tokenized assets within blockchain ecosystems provides a compelling narrative for the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies, positioning digital assets as integral components of the future financial landscape.

So, IS investing in cryptocurrency good? To paraphrase Eaglebrook Advisors recent 4Q, 2023 commentary, now is an optimal time to understand the investment thesis for crypto, and to source ways to securely invest in digital assets. And while accurate crypto price prediction is a virtual impossibility, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have continued to be quite resilient in the face of adversity, and the growth and adoption of both have demonstrated that digital assets are a compelling emerging asset class. The narrative continues to change, as both retail investors and institutions continue to participate in the adoption of BTC and ETH, driving demand for these major cryptocurrencies.

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