Debt Ceiling in America
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The Debt Ceiling in America – Why it MATTERS! 05.03.2023

What’s the deal with the debt ceiling in America, and is it important for investors?

A dramatically accelerated timeline for lawmakers to negotiate was established on Monday, as Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that the debt ceiling in America could be reached as early as June 1 if President Biden and Congress do not come to an agreement to raise or suspend it. Put differently, the US could run out of money to pay its bills, and default on its debt, if this contentious political and economic issue is not solved soon. Here we go again… 

debt ceiling in america

We’ve been here before regarding the debt ceiling in America. Congress on the brink of another deadlock. Debate raging between Democrats and Republicans. Concerned citizens. Grandstanding politicians. Worried investors. And here at Towerpoint Wealth, while we feel the end result is obvious (the limit will be increased), there will be no shortage of brinksmanship as both parties do their song and dance, yet ultimately heed the advice Ms. Yellen offered in her May 1 letter to Congress

Janet L Yellen signature

The last time this issue came to the forefront was December of 2021, when Congress ended up increasing the debt ceiling in America to $31.38 trillion. 

is debt ceiling in America-December 2021 Congress

Since 1960, politicians have moved to raise, extend, or revise the definition of the debt ceiling in America 78 times – including three just in the last six months. The debt limit was first introduced in 1917, as a way to give the government flexibility to raise money during the First World War. In theory it gives Congress a way to check in on spending. But fights over the ceiling have become increasingly fractious, as political polarization increases and US debt has skyrocketed, roughly doubling in a decade. When the debt ceiling is reached, the government must either cut spending or raise taxes to reduce the deficit. This is often a difficult and unpopular choice, and it can lead to government shutdowns and economic instability. 

The debt ceiling in America has often been a source of political conflict – in 2011, for example, the debt ceiling debate led to a downgrade in the US credit rating and a period of economic uncertainty. One of the main arguments against raising the debt ceiling is that it encourages government spending and makes it easier for politicians to avoid making tough choices about budget cuts and tax increases. Some politicians argue that the debt ceiling should be lowered or eliminated altogether to force the government to live within its means. However, many economists and financial experts warn that defaulting on the national debt would have catastrophic consequences for the US and global economy, including a possible recession or depression. 

Overall, the debt ceiling crisis is a complex issue that requires a delicate balance between fiscal responsibility and economic stability. While the government must be held accountable for its spending, it is important to avoid defaulting on the national debt and to work towards a sustainable financial future for the country. 

What can YOU do as an investor as the debt ceiling in America becomes a more acute and pressing issue? Be disciplined, have a plan, remain objective, and keep two things in mind: 

is debt ceiling control the volatility of the markets

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“Nine times out of 10, when you inherit money – be it from a friend, be it from a family member, doesn’t matter – the act of…inheriting it is not taxable to the beneficiary,” said Eschleman. 

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Another significant tax benefit of HSAs is that the account can be used as a long-term savings vehicle for retirement. Once you reach the age of 65, you can withdraw money from your HSA for any reason, not just medical expenses, without penalty. However, if you withdraw money for non-medical expenses, you will have to pay income tax on the amount withdrawn. Their overall tax treatment makes HSAs an attractive option for individuals who want to save money for healthcare expenses in the short-term, while also planning for their long-term retirement needs. 

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