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Helping you remove the hassle of properly coordinating all of your financial affairs, so you can live a happier life and enjoy retirement -Minimizing Taxes- Invest Responsibly- Optimizing Retirement Income- Manage Restricted Stock (RSUs)-

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We are a wealth management advisory firm staffed with advisors credentialed as a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP), as a Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA), and as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). As a boutique wealth management firm, we have a legal fiduciary obligation to you, our client, and our fully independent financial advisors welcome helping you construct a customized, disciplined, and comprehensive financial, investment, and retirement plan

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As a fiduciary financial advisor to our clients, we are acutely attuned, but rarely reactive, to the latest financial, societal, and economic developments. Being a boutique wealth management advisory firm, one of the ways we fulfill our legal fiduciary responsibility to you, our client, is through the publication of various informational white papers, blog posts, and educational videos.

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Hold On… You Have No Alternative Investments In Your Portfolio? 09.09.2022

For many investors, 2022 has been a challenging and frustrating year, as persistently high inflation has resulted in an environment of quickly rising interest rates, leading to a “double-whammy” of twin selloffs across both stocks and bonds this year. After increasing more than 31% in 2019, 18% in 2020, and 28% last year, the S&P 500 (an […]

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Where to stash your cash 07.21.2022

Holding and intelligently divesting cash during a market rough patch has both pros and cons — evaluating these risk/return tradeoffs are even more challenging with rampant inflation just another issue to consider. With confidence low and inflation high, Joseph Eschleman, the President of Towerpoint Wealth shares his perspective on where to stash your cash in […]

TPW Money Musings

Cryptocurrency future | Why Crypto is Here to Stay and Not Going Away 09.23.2022

In this video, Towerpoint Wealth’s president and Sacramento wealth manager Joseph F. Eschleman, CIMA® addresses the following: Common concerns about the cryptocurrency future, and why we believe that crypto is here to stay and not going away. What decentralized finance, or DeFi, is, and how cryptocurrency is shaping its future (look out, banks!). Mainstream crypto adoption trends and […]

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Towerpoint and Terry Tomato! 08.17.2022

Our President, Joseph Eschleman, connected for a comprehensive financial review meeting earlier today with an excellent long-time client (and gardener), Terry Eager. Terry and Joseph have worked together for many years (including a number of pre-Towerpoint Wealth years), and being the kind and thoughtful person he is, Terry will oftentimes bring the office a bundle […]

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What Estate Planning Documents Do I Need? 09.13.2022

Estate planning documents specify how you want your assets distributed upon incapacity or death. The collection of these documents together is called an Estate Plan. Some people don’t believe they have an “estate,” and therefore, don’t need to create a plan. Many other individuals recognize that everyone needs some kind of estate plan, but defer […]

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What is 7+4?

“We cannot direct the wind, but can adjust the sails”
- Bertha Calloway

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Sacramento financial advisor

Why did you decide to move to a fully independent model?

We have decided to become independent for many reasons, the most central of which is you, our client. Because we are no longer employees of a large brokerage firm, we are no longer obliged to prioritize the interests of our employer over those of our clients. We are confident that we can serve your needs much more effectively as an independent firm.

Over the last ten years, the technology available to independent firms has far surpassed earlier financial tools. Access to these advances enables us at Towerpoint Wealth to serve our clients with a wider and more advanced spectrum of worldwide, cutting-edge resources, eclipsing our previous capabilities. This open-architecture model frees us from the legacy systems to which we were previously captive, allowing us to leverage innovative technology on your behalf. Simply put, we believe this work environment minimizes conflicts between us and the needs of our clients. As Sacramento Independent financial advisors, we now work for ourselves, serving solely our clients and helping them improve their financial lives through integrated, transparent and more personalized solutions. Independent financial advisors >

What services do you provide, exactly?

Towerpoint Wealth seeks to provide clients financial peace of mind. The peace of mind from knowing their finances are properly coordinated and on the right track. Simply put, our Sacramento Financial Advisors help our clients make better financial decisions and take full advantage of the opportunities available to them.

Towerpoint Wealth, boutique investment firm in Sacramento, clients leverage the myriad of wealth management services we offer, with the singular focus of achieving, and then maintaining, their financial independence, allowing them to live a better life while building net worth. Sacramento Wealth Management Services >

What is your approach to helping Towerpoint Wealth clients?

Towerpoint Wealth, Sacramento financial planner, believes that money, in the purest sense of its form, is just a means to an end. And while having enough forms the cornerstone in helping clients achieve, and then maintain, the peace of mind that goes along with being financially independent, we firmly believe in a consultative process that begins with getting to know and learn about you, our client: your hopes, dreams, background, fears, motivations, and vision you have of your and your family’s future.

We also collaborate with your other professional service providers to assure your estate planning documents, business and tax considerations are an integrated part of the plan.

In other words, our Sacramento Financial Advisors sincerely want to know what makes you tick. Towerpoint Wealth Philosophy & Strategy >

Are you legally a fiduciary for your clients?

Yes. We are a legal fiduciary for our clients. In the investment field, there are two types of primary parties who are able to offer investment advice regarding securities to individuals, as well as to institutional clients such as pension funds, non-profit organizations and corporations. These parties are 1.) investment advisors and 2.) investment brokers who work for brokers-dealer.

Many clients may consider the investment advice they receive from each party as similar, but there is a key difference that may not be completely understood by the investing public. The difference pertains to two competing standards that advisors and brokers must adhere to, and the distinction has important implications for individuals who hire outside financial assistance.

Learn more about fiduciary financial advisor.

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What is 7+4?

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