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Financial Planning Process | RightCapital® software

RightCapital® financial planning software and calculator

We utilize RightCapital ® financial planning software to help our clients better and more systematically plan for their financial planning process, future and retirement. Using RightCapital® allows us to more deeply explore and quantify if your expectations and goals for your future are reasonable, with the objective of  helping you remove the hassle of properly coordinating all of your financial affairs, so you can live a happier life and enjoy retirement.

Click below to watch how we use RightCapital ®’s retirement planning software to help position yourself to retire comfortably and confidently:

RightCapital® financial planning process software | RightCapital® financial planning calculator

While RightCapital® is a very robust and sophisticated retirement planning calculator, the real value of the tool is the simplicity of its output. We have found most of our clients want a customized financial and retirement plan that provides logical and easy-to-understand results – RightCapital ® delivers both.

What is RightCapital® financial planning software

RightCapital® is a sophisticated financial planning software program and retirement planning calculator that allows Towerpoint Wealth to work collaboratively with you to create a customized retirement probability analysis to serve as a roadmap for your economic future.

Unlike financial planning tools of the past that only delivered static outputs, RightCapital® is specifically designed to be customized and adjusted in realtime, creating multiple “what if” scenarios for us to review with you, customizing various iterations of the vision you might have of your personal and financial future. Part art and part science, RightCapital® allows us to connect and associate hard financial planning inputs and figures with the “softer” ambitions, fears, desires, and concerns you have for your future.

We believe that RightCapital® is the only cash flow-based retirement planning calculator sophisticated enough to help us construct customized, high-quality financial and retirement plans for Towerpoint Wealth clients.

RightCapital® financial plan | retirement planning software

right capital financial planning software

How Does RightCapital® financial planning software work?

Retirement Income Proposed Plan RightCapital® Retirement Planning CalculatorFrom an analytic perspective, RightCapital® conducts a variety of future scenario-based tests, known as Monte Carlo simulations. Monte Carlo simulations furnish us with a range of possible outcomes, and then assign a tangible and easy-to-understand probability number to any particular scenario we are interested in. These monte carlo simulations show both extreme possibilities (“going for broke” as well as less-desirable “baseline” scenarios), along with assigning a probability for more reasonable, middle-of-the-road scenarios.

Ultimately, using this methodology allows us to collaboratively explore and analyze with you the best and worst-case scenarios for your future, to ensure your customized financial plan best positions you to succeed in retirement.

At the conclusion of this financial planning exercise, you will have a more complete and comprehensive understanding of what is realistic about your future personal and financial picture, allowing us to better identify how to optimize economic decisions and personal behaviors that will lead to your peace-of-mind. The peace-of-mind of knowing that your plan has been closely analyzed and customized to ensure the highest probability of success for your desired outcomes and future.

RightCapital ® is interactive.

Adjustments can easily be made during a review meeting, and Towerpoint Wealth clients can be directly involved in the creation of their plan.

RightCapital ® helps us to provide various “what if” scenarios.

These scenarios allow us to work with you to explore and analyze multiple future alternatives, and measure how sensitive a plan is to tax changes or increased longevity.

RightCapital ® provides both stress testing and risk management.

This helps us see what might happen to a plan across a range of real world uncertainties (e.g., down markets, premature death, increased inflation, or the need for long-term care).

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