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Specialized Services for Attorneys

Specialized Services for Attorneys

Create a Life worth living

In the legal profession, “time is money”.

Laser focused on helping your clients, while at the same time managing administrative responsibilities and balancing important family time, it can be challenging to take all the appropriate steps needed to accumulate and organize your assets.

It is a daunting task to properly coordinate all of this. Not having the time, expertise, patience, and/or interest in establishing and executing on a customized wealth-building and retirement plan and strategy is not a failing nor a flaw – it is a very common problem. Hiring a trusted financial advisor to take the lead on your wealth management and financial planning will not only let you focus on your job and other responsibilities, but ensure you achieve your current and future financial goals.

When considering working with Towerpoint Wealth, you can expect:

Our team based approach

Expertise and a team with deep knowledge in the areas of estate planning, asset management, investments, retirement planning, risk management and tax planning. Every member of your wealth management team has industry-recognized professional designations. Our advisors will work together with your other outside professionals and our own outside resources to ensure you are provided the best advice and solutions.

Management of emotional decision making

As is abundantly true in the attorney-client relationship, managing emotions and remaining objective when making financial decisions is an essential component of longer-term success in building, and protecting, one’s wealth. Your Towerpoint Wealth advisor will be there to help you sort through the noise and maintain a well-disciplined portfolio designed to balance risk and reward to increase the probability of achieving financial success.

Your unique challenges

Attorneys have their own unique set of financial challenges. Your Towerpoint Wealth advisor will have a strong understanding of how you make your money and the complexities of it, especially when it comes to cash flow management, tax planning, and retirement planning. Your financial advisor and your tax advisor will consistently interface with each other to develop and implement effective tax mitigation strategies to help you keep as much of your hard-earned dollars in your pocket as possible.

Our responsibility to you

Wealth is very personal, and you need an advisor you can trust. As legal fiduciaries, all members of your wealth management team at Towerpoint Wealth are regulated by the SEC, and are legally held to the highest standard in the industry, the fiduciary standard. We are required to discharge our planning, counsel, and advice solely in the best interests of you the client, even if it means placing your interests ahead of ours.

Being a lawyer is rewarding job, but it can be very stressful and requires long hours. 30 or more years of this lifestyle can take quite a toll on the body and mind, and you deserve a rewarding financial future. Beginning a succinct and custom-tailored wealth management plan now will help you achieve your goals more efficiently, and ultimately, help you retire on your schedule. Focus on partnering with an advisor who not only understands you, but also the unique financial challenges you as an attorney face. You wouldn’t hesitate to hire a legal expert to help you win a case or strengthen a lawsuit. The same can certainly be said when hiring a financial expert and advisor to help you properly coordinate all of your financial affairs and ideally, create a life worth living that includes complete economic peace of mind.

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Joseph Eschleman, CIMA®, Certified Investment Management Analyst

Joseph Eschleman

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