• Customized strategic and tactical asset allocation and portfolio optimization modeling
  • Disciplined portfolio rebalancing
  • Passive (indexed) and active portfolio management
  • Investment cost and expense analysis and minimization
  • Concentrated stock management and hedging
    → Structured and amortized liquidations
    → Exchange funds, variable prepaid forwards, equity collars, etc.
    → Customized structured notes
  • Inflation hedging
  • Performance analytics and account aggregation reporting
    Black Diamond client financial portal
  • Alternative investments – sourcing and due diligence
    → Private equity, hedge funds, limited partnerships
    → Currencies, venture capital, commodities
    → Managed futures, timber, mineral rights
    → Strategic partnership with iCapital | An outsourced alternative-investment platform that provides us online access to powerful research tools, diligence materials, in-demand managers, streamlined subscriptions and reporting, and alternative-investment offerings
    → Derivatives
    → Updated equity and market research | Morningstar, CFRA, Callan, Bespoke, yCharts, Briefing

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