9 tax benefits of real estate investing
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9 Tax Benefits of Real Estate Investing 04.21.2023

Most of us recognize that taking a diversified approach to investing is a sound philosophy. There are a myriad of different ways for investors to build and grow their net worth, each with its unique set of risks, rewards, tax consequences, and considerations. Traditionally, in addition to building a portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, one of the best and most popular avenues to diversify your investments is to own and invest in real estate.

In addition to adding diversification, real estate investing can provide numerous benefits to investors, including the potential for long-term appreciation, debt paydown, inflation protection, and passive cash flow. 

And let’s not ignore the tax benefits of real estate investing. Investing in real estate does provide a unique advantage, as the tax benefits of real estate investing can oftentimes be superior to those of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. To be clear, we believe that reducing your taxes should never be a primary goal when investing and building net worth; however, we also believe that it is hugely important to recognize that it’s not what you make, but what you keep that builds financial security. To ignore the significance of minimizing your obligation to Uncle Sam is a huge mistake. 

In America, there are two tax systems:

Additionally, the tax benefits of real estate investing are one its most appealing aspects. These tax benefits can significantly reduce an investor’s tax liability, and increase their net, after-tax return on investment. The tax benefits of real estate investing can range from deductions for expenses related to the property to the ability to do tax-free Section 1031 exchanges of properties and avoid capital gains. In this way, real estate investing can be a tax-efficient strategy for both building wealth and generating income.

strategies for real estate investing

Itemized below are nine strategies to maximize the tax benefits of real estate investing. These are elaborated upon in the presentation that our Associate Wealth Advisor, Megan Miller, and President, Joseph Eschleman, recently delivered to the West Sacramento Real Estate Investor Meet Up group.

Click the image to watch the full presentation, and reference the list of the most compelling tax benefits of real estate investing!

1.     Start a real estate business – it’s easy.

2.     Leverage business expense tax deductions and credits.

3.     Take advantage of Qualified Business Income (QBI).

4.     Make it a family business!

5.     Utilize the “Double Dip” on rentals.

6.     Move in! Leveraging the primary residence capital gain exclusion.

7.     Know and take advantage of cost segregation.

8.    Consider Section 1031 exchanges and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs).

9.    Open and fund a tax advantaged retirement account.

While this list is by no means an exhaustive one, we believe it is clear that the tax benefits of real estate investing provide a myriad of opportunities to keep Uncle Sam at arm’s length while striving to maximize profits and compound the growth of your net worth. 

It is important for investors to consult with qualified tax and financial professionals to ensure they are taking advantage of all available tax strategies while staying compliant with relevant tax laws and regulations. The tax benefits of real estate investing  make it a lucrative and attractive investment and diversification option for individuals and businesses alike.

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Sometimes, it’s just easier to keep it simple! Credit to Michael Kitces for the quote.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to keep it simple! Credit to Michael Kitces for the quote.

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Gifting to UTMA accounts

An UTMA, or Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, is a legal arrangement that allows parents or guardians to transfer assets to their children. One of the main advantages of using an UTMA is the potential tax benefits. UTMA accounts are taxed at the child’s tax rate, which is typically lower than the parents’ tax rate. This means that investment gains and income generated by assets held in an UTMA account can be taxed at a lower rate, allowing for more tax-efficient growth. Additionally, the first $1,250 of unearned investment income generated by an UTMA account is tax-free, and the next $1,250 is taxed, but at the child’s usually lower tax rate.

Another tax benefit of an UTMA is the ability to shift assets out of a parent’s estate for estate tax purposes. By transferring assets to an UTMA, parents can remove those assets from their estate and potentially reduce their estate tax liability. In addition, the assets in an UTMA account are considered the child’s property, not the parent’s, which can be advantageous for financial aid purposes. Up to $17,000 can be transferred, per person, into an UTMA account without being subject to gift taxes. Overall, an UTMA can be a valuable tool for parents looking to minimize their tax liability while transferring assets to their children.

UTMA- Uniform Transfers to Minors Act.

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