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Fiduciaries and Trustees

Fiduciaries and Trustees

Having a thorough understanding of the unique needs of Private Professional Fiduciaries, and their relationship with their clients, allows us to be a valuable resource. We help Private Professional Fiduciaries manage the financial aspect of their client’s lives through a detailed process.

Sacramento Financial Planning

Why Fiduciaries Choose Us

– Specific Private Fiduciary Expertise and Experience
– Unparalleled Service Standards
– Responsiveness
– Trustworthy Partnership
– Holistic approach

Sacramento Financial Planning

We Help You Stay Compliant

– Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA)
– California Probate Code (CPC)

– Court Supervised Matters

Sacramento Financial Planning

We Understand Your Needs

– We understand the responsibility you have to your clients
– We understand complex Trust and Estate matters
– We understand your business
We understand:

What is 15-5?

Towerpoint Wealth works to provide our clients with financial peace of mind.

We understand the unique needs, responsibilities, and risks that private fiduciaries and trustees have.

Learn more about the legal fiduciary standard we are held to.

Learn more about our wealth management process.

Learn about our investment strategy and process.

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